Kathie Lee & Hoda booze

Kathie Lee & Hoda booze
Kathie Lee & Hoda booze, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb have concluded their long month on-air sobriety with two large glasses of wine. The ladies have given up drinking on Today's show after Ladies Home Journal asked to sober up to promote heart health.

However the challenge didn't extend to off the set. "What helped them was that that they continued to drink," Savannah Guthrie said during the festivities. "Behind the set and during commercials. I think the fact that they didn't stay sober during their month of sobriety really eased the tension around here."

The four hours of daily sobriety seems to have left an impression to fellow "Today" show hosts.

"I've never seen crankier, moodier women in my entire life," Matt Lauer joked. "All I can say about them drinking again is hallelujah."

The ladies celebrated on Tuesday's show for the Wednesday "Winesday" that was titled "booze-a-palooza." A contributor for the network wrote, "To celebrate, the ladies are putting on the Winesday Wednesday to end them all. They're leaping off the wagon and on to a party bus. Exactly what do they have planned? Well, you'll just have to tune in to find out! .... Are you ready? The ladies sure are. If you want to get prepared, check out this montage of their brave journey to spend 30 days on vino."

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