Kate Middleton attacked

Kate Middleton attacked
Kate Middleton attacked, Kate Middleton attacked ON KATE MIDDLETON REALLY SO VENOMOUS?, The Booker Prize winner Hilary Mantel is used to judging royals from the 16th century. Yesterday, she weighed in on their contemporary successors, with controversial results...

Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi: Hilary Mantel's beautifully written essay on royal bodies. More layers to it than suggested by Daily Mail......independent.co.uk

Tom Chivers: Before having a go at Hilary Mantel, it's worth reading her piece in full. "Mannequin" ref is about public perception

Benedict Brogan: Hilary Mantel describes D of Cambridge as 'mannequin' and 'without character' in LRB. Time was, heads would roll

Tom Peck: Excellent to see Hillary Mantel having such a well delivered pop at the Duchess of Pointless

Loveandgarbage: If I understand twitter correctly Hilary Mantel has called for the young royals to be imprisoned in the Tower and then callously murdered.

Sean Smith: Well done Hilary Mantel for a fascinating look at royalty and image. Hysterical reaction of some media proves her point well made

Bonnie Greer: Her new novel -"Bring Up the Bodies". Her piece -a meditation on royal bodies & the craziness of royal-gazing. And it is crazy.

Ian Hyland: I'm not saying Kate Middleton is thick, but since Wills warned her "not to look at the Mantel piece" today she's been avoiding fireplaces
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