Justin Bieber's Ferrari

Justin Bieber's Ferrari
Justin Bieber's Ferrari, Justin Bieber's white Ferrari 458 Italia was in the news again when the car was pulled over on Friday 1st February at 12.20am and the driver arrested for driving without a licence.

The driver was not Justin Bieber but his friend Lil Ze. This incident comes a month after a paparazzo was killed while trying to photograph the occupants of the vehicle thinking that Justin Bieber was one of them.

In fact, it was a friend to whom Bieber had lent his $200,000 car, Lil Twist. (Why do they call themselves "lil" when they're not??)

In the new year's day incident, Lil Twist drove the car out of the car park of The Four Seasons' hotel, scraping the bottom of the car on the driveway and causing serious damage to its undercarriage, leading to a $8,000-$10,000 repair bill. Undeterred, he continued driving, taking the car on to the freeway before being pulled over by the police.

Paparazzo, Chris Guerra, a 29 year old freelance photographer, believing that Bieber was in the vehicle, got out of his own car to take pictures of the singer's car. He was struck and killed by oncoming traffic after taking photographs of the white Ferrari.

Perhaps Justin Bieber should be more particular about whom he lends his Ferrari to.

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