Famous singles

Famous singles
Famous singles, In honor of Singles Awareness Day, we’re playing matchmaker for celebs whose marriages have gone down the tubes, whose dating pools have dried up, or who just haven't found "the one" quite yet. Can you guess who we think would pair up well with these famous singles, based on their common interests?

Aziz Ansari
This sitcom star and stand-up comedian is quite the foodie. He has used food in his comedic material and has explored it in earnest in a blog dedicated to food and fashion. He would be great paired with a woman who shares both of those passions. Aziz Ansari + Food & Fashion + food blog, Jourdan Dunn + Well Dunn + cooking show, Aziz Ansari height, Jourdan Dunn height 5'10",

Cory Booker
Booker is known for making heroic headlines — coming to the aid of a neighbor, strangers and recently, a man’s best friend. While unconfirmed rumors have placed him in a relationship with this big name, we see him with a beloved hometown star. Cory Booker + rescues woman + house fire, Cory Booker + invited Sandy victims to his house, Cory Booker + rescues freezing dog,

Carrie Brownstein
Despite rumors that Brownstein is dating her co-star on “Portlandia,” the part-time rocker has confirmed they’re just business partners. She was reportedly outed as bisexual at age 21. An outspoken funny lady would be a good fit for her, even if it’s just for a meeting of the minds. Carrie Brownstein + outed as bisexual + Spin article, Rolling Stone + 50 Funniest People + Tig Notaro + Carrie Brownstein,

Sandra Bullock
Bullock has been a single mom since her 2010 divorce. She deserves to be wined and dined by a manly man who is as philanthropic as she is. Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation,

Chris Colfer
Colfer is best known for having many irons in the fire, from starring in “Glee” to writing a bestseller-turned-film. He would be best paired with another ambitious young star. Our pick has a bit of a bad-boy veneer, which might be a nice contrast to Colfer’s squeaky-clean image. Ezra Miller + Metropolitan Opera,

Leonardo DiCaprio
The “Great Gatsby” star has famously partied around the world with one model after another. Recently, he announced he is taking a Hollywood hiatus. Maybe it’s time for him to settle down with a more mature woman.

Idris Elba
The British star of HBO’s “Luther” and this upcoming sci-fi flick has become quite the heartthrob on this side of the pond. He and another striking primetime star would make a breathtaking couple.

Jon Favreau
Favreau is President Obama’s bright, young speechwriter. He was one of People’s “Most Beautiful” and was recently listed as one of the world’s top bachelors. In the past, he has been linked to this sitcom actress. May we suggest another starlet? jon favreau stepping down as speechwriter march 1, Jon Favreau + People + 100 Most Beautiful People, speechwriter Jon Favreau + Town & Country + bachelors list,

Jamie Foxx
The “Django Unchained” star once considered pursuing music but recently said that career path might have led to gigs singing on cruise ships. Our pick for him is an actress who actually did sing on cruises before making it big. Jamie Foxx + I'd probably be singing on a cruise ship now,

Katie Holmes
With her high-profile divorce behind her the actress and spokesmodel is reportedly eager to jump back into the dating pool. Since she is part of the fashion world now she might consider a fellow designer.  Katie Holmes + Alterna haircare, katie holmes dating coach,

Gayle King
A while back, this news anchor had a rumored connection with an unexpected celeb. Then of course, there are those persistent gay rumors. Assuming none of the gossip is true, we’ve picked a smooth-voiced contemporary to pair with Oprah's BFF. Oprah Magazine + 10 Men We Find Irresistible + Dennis Haysbert,

Jeremy Lin
This much-hyped NBA point guard and documentary star is reportedly in the market for a lady friend and is looking for one who shares his same beliefs. We know it's a stretch, but maybe he could take this lovelorn pop star for an innocent night on the town. Jeremy Lin wants Christian girlfriend, taylor swift tim tebow romance rumors,

Pippa Middleton
The younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge has made the tabloids lately because of her rumored dating habits. Maybe a more low-key love interest would be a nice change. Our pick isn't a servant, but he plays one on TV. Pippa Middleton + Belgian billionaires,

Elon Musk
This motor mogul and PayPal co-founder has billions in the bank and a new Bel-Air mansion, but no one to share it with. The South African-born tycoon should consider pooling his resources with a fellow African moneymaker. elon musk 17 million mansion, elon musk talulah riley divorce, elon musk talulah riley divorce,

Amy Poehler
The "Parks and Recreation" star and recent Globes co-host just split from her funny-man husband, so dating might not be on her mind right now. But when she is ready to reenter the dating pool, perhaps she would like a comedic redhead who is also divorced with two kids. louis ck parks and recreation,

Mark Sanchez
Sanchez, a quarterback for this team, has gone on record about his love for the "Great White Way." Now that his courtship with a glam actress is kaput, a fellow song-and-dance lover might be right up his alley. Mark Sanchez + Broadway musicals, Savannah Wise + Rock of Ages,

Charlize Theron
"Snow White and the Huntsman" star Theron ended a long-term relationship a few years back and now focuses on raising her son. The South African-born actress might enjoy going on some "playdates" of her own. We can think of a Hollywood bachelor who shares her passion for animals. charlize theron stuart townsend nine years, charlize theron son jackson, Joaquin Phoenix + The Lunchbox Fund,

Serena Williams
Williams is a tennis powerhouse with medals and titles to spare. Unfortunately, a recent injury knocked her off her feet. We know she likes rappers, but maybe a different kind of songsmith can help sing her back into shape. Serena Williams + four Olympic gold medals, Serena Williams + WTA player of the Year 2012, Serena Williams + sprained ankle,
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