Family awarded $63M

Family awarded $63M
Family awarded $63M, A family has been awarded $63 million after winning a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson. The Massachusetts family suffered a horrifying incident nearly a decade ago when theur 7 year old daughter, Samantha Reckis had a life-threatening reaction to Motrin, a drug manufactured by Johnson & Johnson.

The incident caused the young girl to lose 90 percent of her skin after she suffered an extremely rare side effect to the drug known as toxic epidermal necrolysis.

The 7 year old also was blinded by the reaction and suffered permanent brain damage, which has led to her suffering short-term memory loss.

The family's attorney, Brad Henry, reported that the incident also in effect destroyed the little girl's respiratory system, and resulted in her being left with just 20 percent her lung capacity.

It is reported that the 7 year old girl had taken the drug before and did not have any adverse reactions to the drug, however, after Thanksgiving 2003 she had a fever and her parents gave her the medicine to counter the temperature. That incident led to her developing the toxic epidermal necrolysis.

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