Dog with human face adoption

Dog with human face adoption
Dog with human face adoption, Have you ever seen a dog with a human face? Well, meet Tonik, who is up for adoption after he was rescued from a kill shelter by people who were fascinated with his appearance. You just might think the photo of this dog is fake, or from photoshop, but it’s real.

Although the web is nirvana for strange looking animals, this time, all the attention will hopefully do some good: Tonik is in need of a new home.

The two-year-old dog is a poodle/Shih Tzu mix currently living in Mishawaka, Ind., and was brought to an animal welfare agency out of a kill shelter in Kentucky. His portrait, snapped by professional pet photographer Renny Mills first surfaced on Tumblr and went viral after a post on Buzzfeed.

Tonik’s Petfinder adoption page describes the wise-looking pup as “a very sweet boy” who is great with other dogs but could be overwhelmed by young children.

But how, exactly, did Tonik’s face get so … human-like? Well, it’s true that humans and dogs do share some genes: our two species likely have a common ancestor dating back to the Cretaceous era. And it’s also true that Shih Tzus have been bred for their flat faces (many Shih Tzus have trouble breathing because of this). But Tonik’s humanoid visage has much less to do with canine physiology than it does with human psychology.

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