Bradley Cooper crush on Julie Christie

Bradley Cooper Crush On Julie Christie
Bradley Cooper Crush On Julie Christie, Bradley Cooper has revealed he would love to take Julie Christie out for a meal. The 36-year-old movie actor is well known for roles in blockbusters such as The Hangover and The A-Team, and his handsome good looks have earned him female admirers across the world.

Bradley is currently linked to stunning actress RenĂ©e Zellweger, 41, although he admits there is one lady he is desperate to have a romantic rendezvous with – 69-year-old British actress Julie

Bradley has confessed that as a youngster he swooned over images of beautiful Julie, who has appeared in classic films such as Don't Look Now, Doctor Zhivago and Afterglow.

“F**k yeah, Julie Christie – that was a profound crush,” he replied when asked by Marie Claire if he had an embarrassing teenage crush.

“Beautiful, can’t breathe stunning, I’ve never met her. I should take her to dinner and produce something. What am I thinking? I’m going to do that right after this.”

Bradley admits love can be a scary force, due to the profound effect it can have on us, although he is romantic. For him, being in love is about giving in to any doubts.

“In its purest state – hell yeah – it is a surrender for sure, and it is joyful in its purest state, because it’s burdened with fear most of the time,” he mused.

The star also took the time to consider his views on fame. Bradley admits he hasn’t found the celebrity experience to be as he’d anticipated.

“Oddly enough, it feels nothing like I thought it would do. It’s nothing, it’s a hollow box, there’s completely nothing to it. It’s not even malleable because there’s nothing to even grab onto. It doesn’t exist. That’s the truth,” he explained.
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