13,200 Girl Scout cookie boxes destroyed

13,200 Girl Scout cookie boxes destroyed
13,200 Girl Scout cookie boxes destroyed, 13,200 Girl Scout cookie boxes were reportedly destroyed intentionally last May. These Girl Scout cookies apparently went unsold, leading to them being destroyed according to a report from CBS on Friday (Feb. 15).

A video in the report shows a tractor crushing thousands of the cookies in a warehouse. One worker is heard on the video cheering, but this has not created cheering from those reading about it on the internet. Instead, this has led to a lot of outrage about the association deciding that the cookies should go to waste.....examiner.

The report goes on to state that the 13,200 Girl Scout cookie boxes being destroyed was not an isolated incident, as many leftover cookies have been sent to landfills before.

No, the excuse of the cookies being past their expiration dates does not apply here, as all reports are stating that the cookies were still good. Why they couldn't have been donated to a church, orphanage, or even a foot bank is a big question being asked by many people.

When CBS asked Chuck MacKinnon, the vice president of the San Gorgonio Council of the Girl Scouts in Redlands about it, he denied having any knowledge.

He stated, "We didn't know that was the way they were being disposed of. To look at it, it's a waste of food." It raises even more questions that someone in a position like this would have no idea where more than 13,000 boxes of his cookies ended.

So who is to blame for the 13,200 Girl Scout cookie boxes getting destroyed? MacKinnon claims it is the bakery that supplies them, which accepts back about one percent of unsold cookies.

That worked out to eleven hundred cases in the report, all of which seem to have been destroyed. MacKinnon states that this will not happen again, so maybe there is some good news after all.
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