11-year-old boy dies in blizzard

11-year-old boy dies in blizzard
11-year-old boy dies in blizzard, Overcome By Carbon Monoxide In Car While Father Shoveled Snow, The situation nearly claimed two lives. While the 11-year-old boy died in the blizzard, his father also had to be rushed to the hospital after he went into respiratory arrest. They both were rushed to Boston Medical center, where the 11-year-old boy was declared dead.

The news that the 11-year-old boys dies puts the blizzard’s death toll up to seven, Fox News reported.

The commonwealth of Massachusetts had been in a state of emergency as Governor Deval Patrick had a ban on all travel for non-essential employees. That ban was lifted at 4 pm on Saturday, but the city’s public transportation system remained down.

The blizzard, named Winter Storm Nemo, also knocked out power to more than 650,000 people and caused coastal flooding in some areas. It dropped more than two feet of snow across Massachusetts and New England, with snow drifts reaching up to five feet in some places.

Overall the storm wasn’t as bad as some forecasters had feared. It was originally thought to be more powerful than the historic blizzard of 1978.

Police and local authorities were still assessing damage on Saturday and it was not known if the death toll would rise. Police did not release the name of the 11-year-old boy who died in the blizzard.
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