Ring Finder Sues Owner

Ring Finder Sues Owner
Ring Finder Sues Owner, Ring finder sues owner, A ring finder is suing the ring's owner after she was arrested, according to a Jan. 7 Waynesville Daily report. The ring's owner, Melisa Boucek, had offered a $3,000 reward for the ring's return, but instead, the ring finder was questioned by police and charged with stealing the ring. What a strange situation.

St. Charles resident Bonnie Land found the ring on a hook at a tanning salon and put it in her coat pocket. When her tanning session was over, she forgot to turn the ring in. After that, she forgot about the ring until she found it in her coat pocket a few weeks later. Eventually, she went back to the tanning salon, and she saw the sign offering a $3,000 reward for the ring.

When Land saw the sign, she called Boucek to arrange to meet to return the ring. When she arrived at the meeting, police were there and questioned her. Later she was charged with stealing.

Bonnie Land said,

"I'm not a thief; the worst thing I think I've ever done is speeding,. But this called my whole character into question."

Now Bonnie Land is suing Melisa Boucek for $66,500 for breach of contract, fraud, and damages. She was also denied an apartment because she had criminal charges against her, so it has affected her life.

What do you think? Should she be compensated over this situation? It is odd that she did not return the ring as soon as she realized she forgot to leave it at the salon's front desk.
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