Holmes getaway plan

Holmes getaway plan
Holmes getaway plan, In keeping with the vision of the Batman Knight Rider series James Holmes imagined himself pulling off the perfect getaway plan the way say the Joker would have pulled it off on live screen.

According to officials who are now beginning to piece together events it is believed that James Holmes had purposefully left his apartment that evening booby trapped with blaring music coming out of it in the hope that upset neighbors would have called authorities who would have been forced to tend to the situation and then being blown sky high to smithereens when they would be forced to walk in as he would not be there to answer the door. All the while Holmes envisaged this would act as the perfect distraction as he set about shooting his victims whilst authorities would be forced to tend to the bomb rattled apartment.

The above in part may explain why James Holmes put up little resistance when cops approached him after he entered the adjoining car park of the movie complex. He must have realized that no bomb had gone off and his chances of fighting off a full police division were slim to none, even fully dressed in battle fatigues and protection.

“The guy was a mad scientist,” a source told the NY Post.  “There was a magnetic switch [in his apartment so that] when the door opens up, it would trip a chemical container into another chemical container that would ignite the cans of gasoline and light up the whole place and kill the cops.”

It is also thought because Holmes was wearing the same type of body armor outfit that supplies Aurora cops he may have hoped that when SWAT officers arrived that he could blend in and then make his getaway. But even that could never have worked even in complete confusion:
“It was one aspect of what he was wearing that did not fit what a SWAT officer might be wearing. There was one particular piece of equipment that he had on him that was out of place,” Aurora Police Chief Daniel Oates said, declining to be specific.

A source told The Post it was the fiend’s throat and groin guards, which cops are issued as standard gear — but never wear because they restrict movement.

“I am so proud of my officers that they spotted that right away and challenged him,’

It seems James Holmes was adamant that he could play a real life action villain to the t. Authorities have gone on to say that Holmes has continued his pretense of believing that he is the joker, the villainous character he has said to have adopted as his self identity. It is who he told authorities who he was when he was first apprehended by arresting officers and whom he maintains to be in jail.

One can surmise that James Holmes has in his mind maintained the poise of the ultimate anti hero who must stand up to the falseness and hollowness of our times that only he can awake buy shooting apart with deadly acumen.

In some perverse way James Holmes has become the ‘Joker,’ the villain that fully appreciated the stench of society, that is willing to totally embrace it, but yet the question remains- is it all an act for the cameras or is this a performance he is committed to the bitter end…?
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