Heather Graham pad on fire

Heather Graham pad on fire
Heather Graham pad on fire, Heather Graham is seriously lucky that she didn't burn her entire New York City apartment building last night, as the Big Apple's fire department was called to her pad to battle a blaze that took 45 MINUTES to extinguish…and all because she left candles burning in her bathroom unattended!

According to reports, The Hangover actress lit candles in the bathroom of her 12th-story apartment and then took off for the night…allowing the flames to ignite some of her clothes nearby and set the entire 2,000 square foot penthouse ablaze!

Thankfully, no one was injured and once Heather was informed of the incident, she immediately rushed back home…to find what we're sure must have been pretty significant damage!

Yeesh! That really STINKS!

But ultimately, we're sure that she's just grateful the fire was contained and nobody else living in the building was affected!

Better stick to night lights from now on, though, gurl!

Source: perezhilton
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