George W. Bush’s truck

George W. Bush’s truck
George W. Bush’s truck, What would you bid for a 2009 Ford F-150 King Ranch 4x4 SuperCrew owned (and signed) by former president George W. Bush? If you just hollered $301,000, you totally could have had the truck — but sorry, too late.

The 310-horsepower ride has sold at auction for $300,000, with proceeds going to charity. Despite Jay Leno's efforts to pump up excitement, the pre-owned vehicle went for only half of the amount hoped, though it still cost 10 times what a similar truck without a presidential pedigree would have commanded. Bush bought it just after leaving office and drove it only on his Crawford, Texas, ranch. Due to safety concerns, the former POTUS hasn't driven on a public street in "many, many years."

Source: now
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