Gangster sites around the world

Gangster sites around the world
Gangster sites around the world, With the recently released film “Gangster Squad” making headlines, it’s clear that mobsters are back on top of the pop-culture scene. From Capone to "The Godfather," the line between criminal masterminds and mainstream entertainment has always been a bit blurry. For the inside scoop on gangster history, check out these gangster-inspired tours from around the world.

Capone's Chicago
Dubbed "Chicago’s original gangster tour," Untouchable Tours is a two-hour ride in a blacked-out school bus that takes visitors to the historic gangster sites of Jazz-Era Chicago. Dressed in zoot suits your guides -- with names like “Al Dente,” “Southside,” and “Ice Pick” -- bring the city’s Prohibition history to life, visiting infamous crime scenes. chicago gangster tours reviews, st. valentine's day massacre,

Don Corleone's Italy
On your next trip to Italy, follow in the footsteps of Don Corleone and explore Sicily. 500 Vintage Tour, a self-drive, classic-car tour company, offers an excursion called "On the Steps of the Godfather," in which you visit the iconic towns of Sicily in a sporty Fiat 500. You'll visit key “Godfather” shooting locations, including Bar Vitelli, one of director Francis Ford Coppola’s favorite spots, and the Church of Santa Lucia, where Michael Corleone was wed. francis ford coppola resort in sicily, 500 vintage "On the Steps of the Godfather" tour,

Siegel's Las Vegas
A playground for mobsters and hustlers, Sin City in the 1940s was a hotbed for criminal activity. The Vegas Mob Tour, a guided two-hour bus excursion, exposes the lies and legends of infamous gangsters like Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel Tony "The Ant" Spilotro and mob boss Sam "Momo" Giancana. Highlights include a trip to Siegel’s garden in the Flamingo Hotel and a visit to the Tupac Shakur crime scene. siegal's garden at flamingo hotel, tupac shakur crime scene,

The Kray brothers' London
Fans of Guy Ritchie’s British crime-caper flick, “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”, will enjoy a two-hour celebrity-guided walking tour of gangster London. Actor Stephen Marcus will take you around the city's East End, an area once ruled by ruthless twin gangsters Ronnie and Reggie Kray in the 1960s, plus explore other famous gangster locales. gangster london tour reviews. ronnie and reggie kray,

'The Black Dahlia' in L.A.
Examine Los Angeles’ dark underbelly on a tour with Esotouric, a company that offers real-crime-themed bus adventures across the city. You'll learn about secret crimes that were committed by Depression-era thugs and hear gory stories of police corruption that inspired film-noir flicks like “L.A. Confidential” and "The Black Dahlia". esotouric tours + Blood and Dumplings + LA Noir + Real Black Dahlia

Dillinger's Minneapolis
The Midwest was once a mecca for criminal masterminds, tough gangs and their dangerous cronies. For an insider's look at Minneapolis’ rich history of 1930s criminal activity and corruption, hop aboard a 30-passenger classic trolley for a two-hour gangster tour across the city’s most notorious sites. See where outlaws John Dillinger, Ma Barker and “Baby Face” Nelson planned shootouts, executed kidnappings, hatched plans and hid out from the law. twin city trolleys gangster tours,

'The Sopranos' in New Jersey
Yes, it’s been off the air for almost six years now, but for aficionados who can’t let go of Tony Soprano, get your “Sopranos” fix with a four-hour private limo tour by On Locations Tours. Visit some of the show’s most famous spots, like gritty gentleman's club Bada Bing; the steps where Chris was shot; and the restaurant where Tony sat in that controversial series finale. on locations tours sopranos reviews, tony soprano the sopranos,

New York City mobsters
NYC Gangster Tours offers several themed walking and bus tours that focus on the Jewish gangsters of the Lower East Side, the rise and fall of the American Mafia, and an Irish gangsters' pub crawl through Hell’s Kitchen. On any one of these adventures, visitors will learn about real-life goons and gangs, including “Lucky” Luciano, John Gotti and the 19th-century gangs of New York . reviews of NYC gangster tours, new york gang presence 2013,

Gangsters in Shanghai
Newman Tours’ Shanghai gangster tour, a two-hour walking adventure around the former French Concession, shares the inside scoop on the crime bosses, con men and organized opium dealers who once ruled the city. Learn about “Big-Eared” Du, “Pockmarked” Huang and other notorious Chinese gangsters from the 1930s. Dressed in period costumes, you’ll learn to cheat at blackjack  and participate in a cops-versus-robbers shooting competition. Newman Tours’ Shanghai reviews, french concession shanghai,

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