Famous hoaxes and lies

Famous hoaxes and lies
Famous hoaxes and lies, So many stories that made headlines around the world have turned out to be a big hoax. So many things, from fake kidnappings to unexplained creatures as well as outrageous lies, have fooled the masses over the years. Check out these newsmakers and see how they managed to pull the wool over so many eyes.

Manti Te'o girlfriend hoax
January 2013

Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o spoke openly about his "girlfriend," Lennay Kekua's death, which happened the same day his grandmother died from cancer. Although his story was very touching – it was later revealed that Kekua, whom Te'o never met, didn't exist. Te'o now claims he was duped online by someone pretending to be Kekua. lennay kekua diane omeara, ronaiah tuiasosopo hoax, ronaiah tuiasosopo may speak out, manti te'o katie couric interview,

Lance Armstrong's doping
January 2013

For years, Lance Armstrong denied claims that he had used performance-enhancing drugs during his seven Tour de France victories. However, he recently changed course and admitted to Oprah Winfrey that he was indeed doping. sheryl crow lance armstrong, lance armstrong donate 250000,

The Royal nurse hoax
December 2012

Shortly after announcing her pregnancy Duchess Kate had to be treated at a London hospital. While she was there, two Australian DJs called the hospital and were given private information about her condition, as well as, transferred to her hospital room. australian djs pretend to be queen prince charles, australian djs off air,

Gay girl in Damascus
June 2011

A blog about the struggles of Amina Arraf, a lesbian Syrian-American living in Damascus, gained national attention in 2011 when she was thought to have been kidnapped by armed men, but it turned out to be tantalizing Internet fiction. tom macmaster, 40 year old American from Georgia, tom macmaster defends hoax,

'Extreme Makeover' home hoax
May 2011

Doctors determined that the Cerda family conned ABC into building them a new home by claiming that their two daughters suffered from this disease caused by toxins in their home. doctors accused terri cerda medical child abuse, cerda family sold home 317k,

Botox mom hoax
May 2011

A woman claiming to be named Kerry Campbell duped everyone into thinking she injected her 8-year-old daughter with Botox. botox mom sheena upton lied for money,

Bethany Storro's acid attack
September 2010

The Vancouver, Wash., woman gained international sympathy when she claimed a stranger threw acid on her face outside a coffee shop, causing horrific burns. Bethany Storro pleads not guilty to self-inflicted acid attack, bethany storro ordered to seek mental help,

White House party crashers
November 2009

Tareq and Michaele Salahi are infamously known for crashing President Obama's state dinner. The two insisted they were invited, but never proved it. They were in the news again in 2011 after Tareq told the police his wife was kidnapped. michaele salahi not kidnapped journey guitarist, tareq michaele salahi divorce, michaele salahi neal schon engaged, tareq salahi running for governor,

Balloon boy hoax
October 2009

A family featured on this reality show gained sympathy from around the world when they claimed their 6-year-old son had floated away in a giant helium-filled balloon. balloon boy hiding at home, heene family motive marketable media interest,

Mark Sanford's disappearance
June 2009

This former governor initially attributed his abrupt six-day departure in 2009 to a hiking trip on the Appalachian Trail. After a reporter intercepted him at an airport, he made a startling confession. mark sanford disappeared affair, mark sanford engaged to mistress, mark sanford running for congress,

April's mom blog
June 2009

A Chicago woman started a blog detailing her decision to carry her supposed terminally ill child to term. The woman even posted photos of her "baby" after it was born and said it died hours later. Her story captivated anti-abortion proponents, but turned out to be completely false. dollmaker recognizes doll in beccah beushausen picture, beccah beushausen april rose,
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