Coyotes attack man

Coyotes attack man
Coyotes attack man, Coyotes attacked a man in his backyard as he was spending time outdoors with his dog. Three of the animals unexpectedly bit and scratched Faron Scarberry outside his home in Kent. He related the details of his ordeal, according to a Dec. 31, 2012 report by The Oregonian. He said, "They come up toward my face, and I kind of blocked them and pushed them away, and that's when the one grabbed me by the leg."

As a result of the coyotes' attack, Scarberry spent a good portion of that evening in the emergency room being treated for scratches and one bite. In addition, he had to endure 26 painful rabies injections, two shots in his hip and 24 injections in his leg. Examiner Reported...

Rabies is a virus that is often fatal. Coyotes are one of the most common animals that carry the virus. Aggressive behavior is one of the signs that a coyote may be infected with rabies. Surviving the virus requires immediate treatment, and it is customary for victims of coyote attacks to receive rabies shots even if the coyotes are not captured and confirmed to carry the virus.

According to the CDC, " . . . between 16,000 and 39,000 people are vaccinated each year as a precaution after animal bites." However, there have been only 55 diagnosed cases of rabies since 1990. If coyotes attack a man, he is unlikely to develop the disease but certain to receive the rabies vaccine as a precaution due to the deadly nature of the virus.
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