Bigfoot in Oregon?

Bigfoot in Oregon?
Bigfoot in Oregon?, The sounds of cries and roars can be heard throughout the Umatilla Indian Reservation near Pendleton, The Oregonian reports Jan. 25. According to tribal residents, they claim Bigfoot is somewhere on the 178,000-acre reservation. The howls also make some believe the animal making those noises are foxes or a female coyote.

So far no one has been able to nail down exactly what the source is of the spooky sounds. For decades many have believed Bigfoot does, in fact, live in Oregon within its thick forests. Reported Examiner....

The strange roars, wails, and other distinctive noises have caused several reservation unit tenants and home owners to call authorities about them. All of this began happening around November.

One man even claimed his dog was too afraid to go outside.

Bigfoot is a big part of tribal culture and tradition. The people who claim to have heard Bigfoot aren't easily frightened by wild animal activity. This gives some credence to their speculations, but as the report went on to say, many in the reservation "are woodsy-type folks."

Did Oregon residents within the reservation actually hear Bigfoot?
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