Beyonce Pregnancy Craving Ketchup

Beyonce Pregnancy Craving Ketchup, Beyonce has a pregnancy craving for ketchup the Huffpost reports and is requesting that the condiment be placed on all of her foods. On a Beyonce DVD of I Am . . . World Tour there was a video bleep about her relaxing after the concert and having a craving for pickles. At that time, Beyonce was not pregnant so the craving for pickles is something that Beyonce always had prior to being pregnant. The Huffpost report cited that Beyonce also had a craving for pickles of which she most likely does but it is not necessarily a pregnancy craving.

During the intermission on the DVD I Am . . . Beyonce World Tour concert DVD, Beyonce was not shy about letting her fans know that she also ate Lays Potato chips which she admitted that she knew was salty and enjoying some sort of "sugary fruit drink." Beyonce was not pregnant during that freelance interview from one of the traveling reporters on her world tour. Hopefully, Beyonce realizes now that she is pregnant the importance of eating healthy and put those Lays potato chips to rest so her baby that is due in February will be healthy as well.

The Huffpost reports also that Beyonce had on sky-high leopard boots that had a platform that was way too high for a pregnant woman. The report did not make the comment about the boots being too high, that comment is from the author of this article. Beyonce got to make sacrifices and realize that she is carrying a baby and got to be more cognizant that each of her steps in New York City are safe from falling of which Beyonce has a penchant to do on stage while performing.

Beyonce having the craving to place ketchup on all of her food is indeed a pregnant woman food craving because she did not mention liking ketchup that much during the I Am . . . World Tour Video DVD that she produced herself as Beyonce Knowles. So Beyonce craving for ketchup just may be true although the Huffpost article did not show Beyonce eating foods with ketchup. There was a photo of Beyonce, however, in sky high leopard boots as the online article purported.

Being a celebrity for Beyonce has its ups and downs. The Huffpost reported that Beyonce told of her ketchup craving to a British newspaper reporter. Imagine, entertainment news being the food craving of a pregnant celebrity. Most people would tell their best friend of their pregnancy cravings but that is what the paparazzi is all about. Entertainment news is about getting the news that is hardly news to the fans and to the general public about celebrity lifestyles and habits.

It would be interesting to know if Jay Z, Beyonce's husband knows about his wife craving for ketchup. Or is Jay Z like Kris Humphries that got the news about his divorce from the TMZ entertainment news instead of from his newly divorced wife, Kim Kardashian.
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