Top Health Stories Of 2012

  Top Health Stories Of 2012
 Top Health Stories Of 2012, 2012's top health stories: Review NYC's Big Gulp ban, Robin Roberts' transplant & other events that made news. This year, the world of health saw sorrow (the tragic death of Whitney Houston), outrage (the Lance Armstrong doping scandal), hope (Giuliana Rancic becoming a mom via surrogate), and a lot of "Oh, no they didn't"s (the man in the cockroach-eating contest who unfortunately died, well, choking on cockroaches). The biggest, wildest health stories of 2012:

The man who got a new face
As a young man, Richard Lee Norris lost half his face—quite literally—in a gun accident. He spent 15 years as a recluse in Virginia. A face-transplant surgery at the University of Maryland in March, the procedure Richard Lee Norris face transplant surgery details has given Norris his life back. He says he "doesn't get a second look" out in public and has been relearning how to speak and eat. Richard Lee Norris.

Cockroach vs. human
Edward Archbold entered a cockroach- and worm-eating contest Edward Archbold cockroach-eating contest in Florida in October to win an exotic python prize. But Archbold, 32, who ate dozens of roaches and won the contest, collapsed and died shortly thereafter, having choked to death on insect parts. Edward Archbold cause of death, Edward Archbold python part of estate.

Lance Armstrong doping scandal
Lance Armstrong, the winner of seven Tours de France and hero to millions, may be all too human after all. In October, the US Anti-Doping Agency released a scathing report US Anti-Doping Agency armstrong report that Armstrong was involved in "the most sophisticated, professionalized and successful doping program" ever seen in professional cycling. He was stripped of his titles and has stayed silent about the charges. Lance Armstrong cuts formal ties with livestrong, Lance Armstrong sally jenkins.

Paula Deen and Type 2 diabetes
TV chef and personality and cookbook author Paula Deen used to be the poster girl for high-fat (and delicious) Southern cooking. But Deen revealed early this year that she has been battling Type 2 diabetes for three years Paula Deen Type 2 diabetes. Reaction was scathing, but Deen is now working to be healthy Paula Deen  diabetes and offers lighter versions of her signature recipes on her website. Paula Deen light recipes, Anthony Bourdain Paula Deen.

 The "Eat like a caveman" diet
This year, the big diet craze was the Paleo Diet, followed by celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Megan Fox and Matthew McConaughey, as well as several pro athletes paleo diet pro athletes. Paleo Diet protein fruits veggies, Paleo no dairy, wheat or other grains, sugar or other processed foods. Paleo Diet side effects.

New York bans the Big Gulp
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg declared war on diabetes, obesity and empty calories this year by sponsoring a new law banning certain sales Michael Bloomberg bans sale of sugary sodas larger than 16 oz. The ban will go into effect next March, but meanwhile, consumers and product companies are riled up. Pepsi "Pepsi special" fat blocker.

Marijuana is legalized in two states
Washington State, United States and Colorado approved legalization of small amounts of marijuana up to an ounce of marijuana legal if over 21 Washington Colorado for recreational use. They join more than 20 other states US states marijuana legal not legal that have either decriminalized possession or have legalized pot for medical use. Marijuana legalization federal law.

Robin Roberts receives a bone-marrow transplant
The "Good Morning America" host, who has battled breast cancer in the past, underwent a bone-marrow transplant this fall to battle MDS, or myelodysplastic syndrome. Robin Roberts bone marrow donor sister sally-ann, robin roberts GMA hosts home for christmas party.

Giuliana Rancic becomes a mom
After recovering from breast cancer surgery just months earlier, Giuliana Rancic and her husband, Bill Rancic, welcomed son Edward Duke in August photos of couple with their baby boy, Giuliana and bill rancic with duke, born via a surrogate. Giuliana and bill Rancic surrogacy, Giuliana Rancic giving up career for baby.

Debate over mammograms
Experts became heatedly divided this year over when and how often women should have mammograms. The US Preventive Services Task Force recently recommended women wait until age 50, while most doctors and the American Cancer Society advocated for even earlier American Cancer Society doctors mammogram at age 40. New England Journal of Medicine early mammogram unnecessary radiation, when should you start having mammograms.

Whitney Houston dies after battling addiction
Music fans were stunned to hear of the Feb. 11 death of Whitney Houston age at death 48 years, August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012 in Los Angeles. Houston had famously struggled with addictions to alcohol, cocaine and prescription drugs, Whitney Houston cause of death Cocaine overdose, Coronary heart disease, Drowning. Whitney Houston vh1 divas tribute, 23 million Americans addiction, 23 million Americans addiction 10 percent seek help.

World's oldest gymnast
Johanna Quaas, of Germany, holds the record as the world’s oldest gymnast, and in September was listed as such in the Guinness Book of Records. Johanna Quaas 87 years old, Johanna Quaas 2012 Cottbus World Cup in Cottbus, Germany.
Some parts of "Obamacare" Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act began taking effect in 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act full effect 2020. U.S. Supreme Court upheld the legality of the overhaul of the U.S. health-care system.

School lunch crackdown
In January, First Lady Michelle Obama Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack proposed a nutrition and calorie overhaul for federally supervised school lunches. The regulation was adopted this past September at the start of the new school year. Student athletes complain not enough calories in school lunches, some in Congress to fight "nanny-state mentality" in government.

Dr. Drew drops "Celebrity Rehab"
After the deaths of several of his celeb patients, including former TV star Jeff Conaway and musician Mike Starr, Dr. Drew Pinsky decided to refocus his popular show. Dr. Drew Pinsky "celebrity rehab" ordinary people, Dr. Drew Pinsky "It turned out to be a very intense experience."

Sleek but toxic
Celebrities including Nicole Richie and others love getting the popular "Brazilian blowout" treatment, which leaves hair straight and silky. But at what cost to their health?. California sues Brazilian company GIB dangerous carcinogen formaldehyde, Non toxic solutions found for Brazilians.

Asperger’s to be dropped from psychiatric guide
The American Psychiatric Association announced recently that it's planning to drop the diagnosis "Asperger's Disorder," and  incorporates those who have those symptoms under an umbrella term, instead. American Psychiatric Association autism spectrum disorder, American Psychiatric Association autism spectrum disorder 2013, autism decision affects treatment for millions of adults and children worldwide.

Use of "bath salts" escalates
Despite a FDA ban in 2011 of the three main components in "bath salts," use of this deadly drug bath salts drugs Cloud Nine, Vanilla Sky and Purple Wave increased hundreds-fold in 2012, according to several national drug oversight groups. States to ban manufacturing and selling of bath salt drugs.

Bedbugs refuse to leave
Bed bugs continued to be the bane of some travelers bed bugs warmer states in the East and Southeast. While the New York City outbreak in the past two years seems to have been dealt with swiftly and drastically new york city bed bugs burned hotel rooms to save them, more cases have been reported in places like Charlotte, N.C. Democratic national convention 2012 bed bugs. bed bug resources.
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