+Mike Anderson Dui

+Mike Anderson Dui
+Mike Anderson Dui, The son of Arkansas men’s basketball coach got a DWI arrest Sunday. But for Mike Anderson Jr, this was his third DUI arrest and second while working with Razorbacks. As a result, father Mike Anderson Sr today suspended his son, indefinitely, from the Razorbacks squad.

On Monday, Razorbacks coach Mike Anderson confirmed news of his 27 year old son’s DUI arrest. This was his son’s second arrest this year.

In January, Anderson Jr was arrested for a DUI as well. At the time, Anderson Jr blew a 0.10 after being pulled over. Before that, in 2007, Mike Anderson Jr was arrested for yet a third DUI arrest while his father worked at Missouri.

Anderson Jr. was arrested by Fayetteville police just after 3 am local time Sunday. Police effectuated the stop after Anderson’s Pontiac ran a stop sign. Anderson then pulled into a gas station, after reportedly swerving in traffic.

Prior to Monday, Mike Anderson Jr worked as the Razorbacks’ video coordinator. Sports information assistant Phil Pierce told news today that the Anderson family is dealing with the matter privately. But thereafter, Anderson Sr. told news he was disappointed with his son’s behavior.
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