Michael Jackson's driver's license

Michael Jackson's driver's license
Michael Jackson's driver's license, Kids, I want you all to look at the above photo and shed a tear. It is the sight of a man who went through hell and back. A man who dug deep inside of himself to find the essence of himself. A man who metaphorically raped himself so we could feed off his harvest. Or perhaps it’s just a man having a bad day. Or many bad days.

Lo and behold, this is Michael Jackson living and looking worse for wear.

Thank you tmz for bringing this relic to our attention just in case none us really remembers how terribly tortured this most brilliant man and artist was in real life. Only through his art did he really excel even if he stumbled over and over in his personal life. Such are the treacherous journey’s of being a world savior….

Source: scallywagandvagabond
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