Longest Serving Mayor Dies

Longest Serving Mayor Dies
Longest Serving Mayor Dies, Texas Mayor Hilmar G. Moore died on Tuesday at the age of 92, and was believed to be the longest-serving mayor in the country, holding the position for 63 years.

Moore claimed his seat in 1949 and has since been consecutively re-elected every two years.

The last opponent to run against Moore, in 1996, was defeated in a landslide, 337 to 49 votes.

Throughout his tenure, Moore was opposed fewer than 10 times, ABC News reports.

Terry Vela, who worked with Moore for the city of Richmond, said that he was "probably the most honorable man that I have ever met."

"With his leadership over the past 63 years, he has made this city one of the most vibrant cities in the United States," she said, adding: "He has truly done amazing things."

Mayor Hilmar Moore, who died from a yet unspecified illness, left behind a wife and two adult children, as well as numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

He also had a son who died in a car accident.

According to Vela, the city has not yet made plans to memorialize its late mayor, but he was honored two years ago for reaching the 60-year mark.

A statue was dedicated to the mayor, and it stands in Richmond at City Hall Park.

During his long term, the town of Richmond grew from about 3,000 people to more than 11,000.

"There were four employees when I became mayor," Moore told ABC affiliate KTRK-TV in 2008.

Moore, who was a fifth-generation Texan, comes from a long line of politicians, the report said.

His father, John M. Moore, served as the Fort Bend County judge, and also as the mayor of Richmond in the 1930s, and his grandfather, John Matthew Moore, served a much shorter term than his kin, representing his district in the U.S. Congress from 1905 to 1913, the report added.
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