DMX Raps Rudolph

DMX Raps Rudolph
DMX Raps Rudolph, Run-DMC deserves homage for their 1987 original holiday song "Christmas In Hollis," but rap stars do not need to create brand new pieces in order to spread a little Yuletide cheer.

A video of DMX singing classic "Rudolph The Red-Noised Reindeer" is going viral. During a recent stop at New York's Power 105.1, the Ruff Ryder MC was asked to rap the children's song for the station.

DMX immediately got into the holiday spirit. After rapping the song's reindeer roll call intro, X transformed into his hip-hop stage persona.

He began drumming up a rhythm on the desk and rapping the lyrics. His remix included perfectly placed, hype-man ad-libs, "come on," "ugh," and "what."

Vevo described X's version as the "best version of #Rudolph ever" in a post on Twitter. The staff at said their "Christmas is complete" after hearing DMC's performance.

The best part was the closing. After the "Couples Therapy" alum finished his rap, he asked the radio station employee if he had correctly named all of the reindeer. "Did I get the names right," he asked.

I'm hoping to this mix in the malls as a finish up my holiday shopping.
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