Alligator found in Detroit

Alligator Found in Detroit
Alligator Found in Detroit, A 5 foot long alligator was dumped like garbage in a Detroit empty lot in the freezing-cold weather, which is not a climate the alligator can survive in very long. According to the Detroit Free Press on Dec. 22, 2012, he was rescued from the cold and became a roommate for the next days of a man who witnessed him being dumped off the back of a truck.

A good Samaritan, who witnessed a truck pull up and dump the large alligator in the lot, decided to take it home and keep it warm until animal control could come and get it. Shontez Gibson said in a televised interview that he was with his uncle at the time when the two witnessed the creature being dumped. Examiner Reported...

Shontez rescued the scaled amphibian and took it home. He had the alligator in his bedroom and used a space heater to keep it warm. He also fed his new roommate fish while waiting for a more permanent home to be found for this creature of the tropics.

On Friday Shontez lost his new roommate, but in a good way. The Michigan Humane Society took the alligator to it’s facility in Rochester Hills, which is just north of Detroit. According to the Detroit Free Press, the lots in this city are often used for dumping grounds of garbage and other unusable or unwanted items, but alligators are not something you’d usually find among the discarded rubble.
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