Petoskey Batman Charged

Petoskey Batman Charged, Batman aka Mark Wayne Williams was charged with resisting and obstructing police in Petoskey, Michigan over the weekend. Batman dressed resident Mark Wayne Williams told police Saturday that he could solve a crime better than a police dog. But police disagreed.

In a case devoid of any Robin references, Petoskey police tell news that the bizarre arrest started Saturday after a hit and run. Police responded to the accident scene to gather evidence after the driver had fled on foot. Their first focus was to try to get traces of the driver who left the accident. So Petoskey police called in their police dog.

But instead of getting a dog, they got Batman. Petoskey resident Mark Williams, for reasons still unknown, rushed to the scene of the accident dressed as Batman, without theme music. The 33 year old Batman then allegedly proclaimed he could solve the crime better than police.

Police politely told Williams and his alter ego to leave. But he allegedly didn’t. Immediately, concerns grew that that the dog won’t be picking up scents of the driver, but scents of the Batman costume. And yet, Batman still allegedly refused leave the scene.

So State Police Sgt. Jeff Gorno told the Petoskey News-Review that they had no choice. They charged Batman with resisting and obstructing police in an investigation. They even took Williams’ costume away from him. Once without his cape, and after posting a bond, Williams was free to head back home.

And yet, local news claims that this story is far from over. This was the same “Bat Time, same Bat Channel” for Williams. He reportedly has been arrested before for the same thing Batman crime-stopper gig. He was previously sentenced to six months of probation and ordered not to wear his Batman costume again, anywhere. Williams has yet to comment about the latest arrest.
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