Notable Deaths in July

Notable Deaths in July
Notable Deaths in July, In July we lost many beloved figures, including India's first action hero and country music's first lady. Click through to read about those who passed away.

Lupe Ontiveros

Died July 26 (b. 1942)

Lupe Ontiveros is known for her numerous film and television roles, including "Selena," "As Good As It Gets," "The Goonies" and "Hill Street Blues." In 2006, she was nominated for an Emmy for her role on "Desperate Housewives"
Neil Reed

Died July 26 (b. 1976)

Neil Reed was a former Indiana basketball player. In 2000, he accused Bobby Knight of choking him during a 1997 practice. Caught on tape, the accusations were what led to Knight's eventual termination from Indiana, as Knight was put on zero-tolerance probation following Reed's report.
Chad Everett

Died July 24 (b. 1936)

Chad Everett is known for his star role as Dr. Joe Gannon on the 1970s TV series "Medical Center". He went on to appear in films and TV shows such as "Mulholland Drive" and "The Nanny"
Sherman Hemsley

Died July 24 (b. 1938)

Sherman Hemsley reprised a character in "All in the Family" and "The Jeffersons". He also played interesting roles in "Dinosaurs" by Jim Henson and an "American Pie" sequel
Larry Hoppen

Died July 24 (b. 1951)

Larry Hoppen was a co-founder, guitarist and vocalist of the band Orleans, best known for its 1970s hits "Still the One" and "Dance With Me."
Sally Ride

Died July 23 (b. 1951)

Sally Ride achieved four firsts when NASA sent her into space. She received numerous awards and was the only person who investigated both the Challenger and the Columbia accidents.
Alexander Cockburn

Died July 21 (b. 1941)

Alexander Cockburn was an outspoken journalist who wrote for established outlets. He had strong themes in his writing.
Tom Davis

Died July 19 (b. 1952)

Tom Davis was one of the original and longtime writers for "Saturday Night Live." He famously partnered with Al Franken.
Sylvia Woods

Died July 19 (b. 1926)

Sylvia Woods was "Queen of Soul Food" and founder of Sylvia's. Her two books and other products are very popular.
Rajesh Khanna

Died July 18 (b. 1942)

Rajesh Khanna was the first superstar of Bollywood. He holds a record for consecutive hits among Indian films
William Asher

Died July 16 (b. 1921)

William Asher invented the sitcom. He directed "I Love Lucy" and "Bewitched" and married one of the stars.
Jon Lord

Died July 16 (b. 1941)

Jon Lord created Deep Purple. He fused genres as a member of several popular bands.
Kitty Wells

Died July 16 (b. 1919)

Kitty Wells was the first woman to top the country charts. She recorded the song on a whim.
Celeste Holm

Died July 15 (b. 1917)

Celeste Holm was a prolific stage and film actress who won an Oscar for "Gentleman's Agreement."
Sage Stallone

Died July 13 (b. 1976)

Sage Stallone contributed many talents to films. He had a standout debut in "Rocky V" with his father, Sylvester Stallone.
Richard Zanuck

Died July 13 (b. 1934)

Film producer Richard Zanuck was behind a slew of hits and nurtured Steven Spielberg and Tim Burton.
Dara Singh

Died July 12 (b. 1928)

Wrestler turned actor Dara Singh was India's first action hero. A household name in India, he gained a leadership role.
Cleveland Elam

Died July 12 (b. 1952)

Cleveland Elam played for the San Francisco 49ers and the Detroit Lions. He garnered team-high stats.
Donald J. Sobol

Died July 11 (b. 1924)

Donald Sobol penned the "Encyclopedia Brown" series. He wrote a variety of books and won an Edgar Award.
Rodolfo Vera Quizon

Died July 10 (b. 1928)

Dolphy was the Filipino King of Comedy. Dolphy starred in a staggering number of films.
Ernest Borgnine

Died July 8 (b. 1917)

Oscar-winning actor Ernest Borgnine had a long career. He was a Navy man off screen and on screen.
Jimmy Bivins

Died July 4 (b. 1919)

Boxer Jimmy Bivins was not nearly as recognized as the champions he defeated. He started his career with a punch and held an undefeated streak.
Andy Griffith

Died July 3 (b. 1926)

Andy Griffith was an iconic actor, most notably for "The Andy Griffith Show" and "Matlock"
Yvonne B. Miller

Died July 3 (b. 1934)

Yvonne Miller was a woman of many firsts in U.S. politics
Ben Davidson

Died July 2 (b. 1940)

Defensive end Ben Davidson played for several NFL teams and became "the face" of a team. He famously advertised beer and appeared on screen
Evelyn Lear

Died July 1 (b. 1926)

Soprano Evelyn Lear performed with every major opera company in the United States and won a Grammy. She and her husband were an operatic power couple.
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