Katy Perry sleeps with lights on

Katy Perry sleeps with lights on

Katy Perry Sleeps With Lights On, Singer Katy Perry has revealed that she is scared of the dark and generally sleeps with the light on.

However, she does not require such comfort when her fiance Russell Brand is with her, the Radio Times reports. She has also revealed she has given up her previous partying lifestyle, in part because of the lack of rest it afforded her.

Katy explained to the news source: “You have to have talent to make it work or the only thing you get out of it is free booze and no sleep, which makes you no good.”

The 25-year-old, who is currently planning her wedding with comedian Russell, also revealed she has to cover her toes when lying on her mattress as she fears a witch under her bed might eat her “tootsies”.

This may mean she finds a good night’s sleep even more important, something which investing in the right bed frame and mattresses can help with.
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