Lila Moss Wears Too Much Makeup

Lila Moss Wears Too Much Makeup, The 11-year-old daughter of British supermodel Kate Moss, Lila Grace, approves the makeup from her mother, While promoting her new line of beauty brand Rimmel London Moss tells her daughter that her thick makeup layer, but found nothing.

“I get my makeup is always off after a shoot, because my daughter reacts differently disapproval. She thinks of nothing, all that makeup. She likes a natural mother, with a tail in the hair and no makeup. Lila has a lot of lipstick, but she does not use them. She’s a prude, she uses only a little gloss on her lips, “Kate told Vogue.

The British supermodel shared her beauty rituals while promoting her first collection of lipsticks for Rimmel London. “Yes, I can get away with. I can still pretty, “said Moss. “And that’s why women have luck. I mean, my husband is in the morning and say ‘oh, god, I can be a bit of this or that opsmeren and I’m totally like new again. “
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