Strange Celeb Health Habits

Strange Celeb Health Habits, From the outside, it is easy to think that Hollywood stars are born gorgeous and skinny. But celebs often go to extremes to make sure they are at their fittest all the time. From leeches to ice cream diets, take a gander at some of the strangest ways stars stay healthy.

Maria Menounos
It's no surprise that Maria is one fit lady. But the "Dancing With the Stars" contestant and "Extra" host has some pretty surprising diet tricks for someone who likes to flaunt her bikini bod every chance she gets. maria menounos ice cream diet, maria menounos ab workout,
Demi Moore
From marrying a guy 15 years her junior to rocking the famous bikini scene in "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" that revived her career, Demi is one of the ultimate youth chasers. But trying to avoid aging has forced her to resort to some pretty strange habits to cleanse her system. demi moore leech therapy, Demi Moore Raw Food Diet,
Ryan Gosling
Let's be honest. If you have seen "Crazy, Stupid, Love," then you know that Ryan Gosling is one fit dude. Much like his quirky personality, he has a pretty varied workout routine that gets him ready for memorable shirtless scenes and general everyday sexiness. Ryan Gosling Ballet Class, ryan gosling boxing,
Madonna is a self-proclaimed fitness freak. Aside from bulking up all the time, she is also obsessed with keeping her energy up in a variety of unusual and surprising ways. madonna b12 injections, madonna workout,
This pop star flaunts her stems and abs like it's her job. Aside from running a lot and doing a bunch of squats to make her legs strong, Fergie keeps her tummy toned in a rather unusual way. fergie vinegar diet,
Reese Witherspoon
This lady has been a running machine for years and years, including during all her pregnancies. But working out isn't enough for this A-Lister, who also munches on some pretty un-adultlike snacks. reese witherspoon eats baby food,
Gisele Bundchen
As one of the most famous supermodels around, Gisele is no stranger to being photographed in skimpy outfits. Given the pressure, she works hard to maintain her skinny and toned figure with an intense kind of exercise. Gisele Bundchen kung fu, Gisele Bundchen diet,
Adam Levine
Sure, Adam may get lots of exercise as he sings and shimmies his way across stages while performing with Maroon 5. But he actually relies on one particular form of exercise to keep him fit and mentally at ease amid his crazy life. adam levine yoga,
Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth is on a constant quest for healthful living. And with the success of her like-minded brand Goop, it has become her job. Aside from intense workouts, she also relies heavily on extreme diet measures to make sure her body is always at its cleanest. gwyneth paltrow cleanse detox diet, gwyneth paltrow workout tracy anderson,
Eva Longoria
She does lots of things to stay in shape and make sure she feels her very best. But Eva has one thing that she consumes in truly excessive amounts in order to get rid of toxins, build muscle and having glowing skin. eva longoria drinks 3 liters of water, eva longoria exercise routine,
Ryan Reynolds
This guy is not one for fad diets. While some people steer clear of a certain food group while trying to stay trim, Ryan consumes lots of one in particular to ensure he is always at his optimum fitness level. ryan reynolds eats carbs after workout, ryan reynolds workout routine,
Halle Berry
While most stars focus on eating healthfully to stay skinny for movie roles, Halle's healthful lifestyle is to help her control her diabetes. She has found that a simple diet adjustment and regular exercise have allowed her to live without too much interference from her condition. Halle Berry eats 5 times a day, halle berry manage diabetes,
Ryan Seacrest
Between all his different jobs, it might be hard to squeeze in some serious time in the gym. But Ryan has found another way to make sure he keeps his healthful diet front and center. ryan seacrest Brazilian Thunder smoothie, Ryan Seacrest Brazilian Thunder Recipe,
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