Rihanna In Where Have You Been Video Shoot

Rihanna In Where Have You Been Video Shoot
Rihanna Goes Topless For 'Where Have You Been' Video Shoot
Rihanna In Where Have You Been Video Shoot, Rihanna In Video Shoot, She put on her most energetic and theatrical-costumed performance in the music video for her new single Where Have You Been? when it was released at the end of last month.

And now Rihanna has revealed just how she achieved her animalistic look for the film shot to accompany her latest track.

The 24-year-old star posted snaps of herself getting geared up for her several different appearances on her Facebook page today, with many of the shots featuring the star baring plenty of flesh.

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Rihanna In Where Have You Been Video Shoot
Never one to shy away from baring ample flesh, Rihanna can be seen topless as she gets crocodile scales painted on her chest and spine by make-up artists.

The professionals did a good job of covering up her nipple piercing which she has flaunted while out on the event circuit on occasion.

When she did not have the illusion of an animal exterior protecting her modesty, she concealed most of her chest using her hands and arms, but mainly leaving a hint to get the imagination going.

There’s no doubt about the pop star’s sexy status in the finished product but the behind-the-scenes still versions will get her admirers' hearts racing as they have more time to pour over curves.

A black lace bodysuit with an extremely high bikini line ensures maximum thigh is on display in a black and white shot.

Meanwhile her washboard stomach appears perfectly flat even as she sits down amongst a plethora of twigs in another image.

As if her half-naked antics, which show off her neck and back inkings, aren’t enough, it seems Rihanna can’t manage to completely cover up even when she is wearing clothes.

In a still which sees her emerging from a swamp, she leaves her bare bottom for all to see as her lace-up trousers remain undone.

As well as photographs of her donning a leopard print robe and zebra skin ensemble, she also shared an image of her rehearsing for dance routine in the studio.

She recently said: 'Because my schedule has always been so busy, it never allowed for us to spend time rehearsing and making up dance moves.

'I was never going to shoot this video if I couldn't do choreography. Because it would be pretty pointless. It would be disappointing.'

Where Have You Been? - the fifth single to be released from her sixth studio album Talk That Talk - is a dance anthem produced by DJ Calvin Harris and Dr Luke.

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