Politicians' Scandals

Politicians' Scandals

Politicians' Scandals, It was 25 years ago this month that a compromising photo of former Colorado Gov. Gary Hart and a model getting cozy on a yacht sank his presidential candidacy. Since that time, there has been no shortage of politician shenanigans. Check out these tales of mistresses, secret love children, prostitutes and more to see whether these political bad boys were able to dig themselves out of these messes or whether they threw in the towel.

David Wu
When: July 2011

The scandal: The teenage daughter of a friend and campaign donor accused Wu of aggressive and unwanted sexual behavior. The congressman admitted to the encounter but claimed it was consensual. david wu scandal,

It gets worse: This wasn't the first time Wu's actions toward a woman were questioned.

The aftermath: Wu filed for divorce from his wife in 2009, and it is ongoing. david wu assaults college girlfriend,

Where he is now: Wu has remained mum about his future career plans but continues to spend money from his old campaign fund. David Wu +campaign spending 2012,
Arnold Schwarzenegger
When: May 2011

The scandal: The former California governor had an affair with his longtime housekeeper and fathered a son with her. She gave birth just days before the governor's wife gave birth to son Christopher. arnold schwarzenegger divorce $200 million,

It gets worse: According to this mistress, she was one of many.

The aftermath: The former first lady retained a superstar attorney.The divorce settlement could be one of the biggest ever. arnold schwarzenegger had many other affairs,

Where he is now: Schwarzenegger's memoir is set to hit the shelves in October. arnold schwarzenegger +total recall memoir,
Mark Souder
When: May 2010

The scandal: The eight-term Indiana congressman who was known for broadcasting his conservative Christian values came clean about his affair with a married female staffer.

Ironic twist: A video on abstinence education surfaced showing the lawmaker being interviewed by his mistress.

Stand by me: Souder's wife, Diane, stayed out of the public eye and held on to her 35-year marriage.

Where he is now: Eventually, he admitted guilt and resigned to avoid the House Ethics Committee.
Chip Pickering
When: July 2009

The scandal: In 2007, the congressman resigned to spend more time with his family, but the following year he filed for divorce. Talk surfaced about an alleged affair. elizabeth creekmore byrd,

It gets worse: The affair was brought to light by estranged wife Leisha following her lawsuit against the mistress. leisha pickering +alienation of affection lawsuit,

The aftermath: Leisha pressed forward with the divorce and took her lawsuit one step further. leisha pickering + restraining order against mistress, chip pickering + lobbying firm capitol resources LLC,

Where he is now: Pickering is now working at a Mississippi firm
John Ensign
When: June 2009

The scandal: The former Nevada senator's rising star fell when news broke of his extramarital affair with a former married campaign staffer. congressman john ensign admits affair with Cynthia Hampton, his campaign treasurer,

It gets worse: The mistress' husband, accused Ensign of illegal activity. See both couples together. doug hampton co-chief of staff for John Ensign, Doug Hampton says Ensign paid cynthia hampton $25,000 severance,

Stand by me: Wife Darlene was beside Ensign when the affair went public.

Delayed resignation: Following the affair, Ensign said he would not seek re-election and resigned
Mark Sanford
When: June 2009

The scandal: When the former South Carolina governor "went missing," the public suspected foul play. He later admitted to having an affair.

It gets worse: Sanford initially said he was taking a hiking trip, but he really was with his mistress in Argentina.

Stand by me: Sanford's wife of 20 years, Jenny, and their four boys moved out of their home and she filed for divorce. Read her memoir. is mark sanford still with maria belen chapur,

Where he is now: Sanford resigned and can be seen updating the public about his relationship status. mark sanford +political commentator,
Tim Mahoney
When: October 2008

The scandal: Mahoney tried to pay off a former mistress and staffer with hush money to block a sexual harassment lawsuit. When that wasn't enough, he put her on his payroll. congressman tim mahoney +payoff,

It gets worse: Mahoney admitted to having multiple affairs, but not to committing crimes. He lost his 2008 re-election bid. tim mahoney +multiple affairs,

The aftermath: His wife, Terry, of 23 years filed for divorce, which is ongoing.

Where he is now: Mahoney was arrested in August 2011
John Edwards
When: August 2008

The scandal: The former North Carolina senator admitted to having an affair with a campaign staffer but denied being the father of her child. A paternity test proved otherwise.

It gets worse: In his book, former campaign aide Andrew Young says Edwards pleaded with him to accept paternity. andrew young +political operative,

The aftermath: After his paternity admission, wife Elizabeth filed for legal separation. The divorce was pending when she lost her long battle with cancer. john edwards on trial over using campaign money to pay mistress,

Where he is now: Edwards is on trial. If convicted, he faces several years in prison and a significant fine. john edwards faces up to 30 years in prison, john edwards +1.5 million in fines,
Eliot Spitzer
When: March 2008

The scandal: The former New York governor's problems began when it was reported he had patronized an escort service met a prostitute in a hotel room and paid her for that night's services, including a deposit for future service. governor eliot spitzer paid prostitute $4,300, governor eliot spitzer +1,100 as a deposit,

It gets worse: Investigators believe he spent thousands on prostitutes. Following threats of impeachment, he resigned. eliot spitzer +80,000,

Stand by me: Spitzer's wife has stayed with him.

Where he is now: After having his show axed by CNN, you can catch him on Current TV. governor eliot spitzer fired by cnn, governor eliot spitzer +viewpoint,
David Paterson
When: March 2008

The scandal: Just one day after stepping into the governor's post following the resignation of Eliot Spitzer, Paterson admitted to having had extramarital affairs, including one with a state employee.

It gets worse: Paterson's public admission went against the New York Legislature's agreement to keep all scandals hush-hush.

Stand by me: Paterson's wife, Michelle, also fessed up to committing past transgressions and remains by his side.

Where he is now: Paterson recently was nominated to fill the shoes of the wife of an iconic singer. former governor david paterson +metropolitan transportation authority,
Kwame Kilpatrick
When: January 2008

The scandal: Trouble for the former Detroit mayor began when text messages uncovered an affair between Kilpatrick and his chief of staff. kwame kilpatrick + beatty 14,000 text messages,

It gets worse: The text messages contradicted testimony Kilpatrick and his mistress had given previously. The costly consequence. kwame kilpatrick +whistleblower suit , kwame kilpatrick obstruction of justice verdict lied under oath,

Stand by me: His wife, Carlita, is sticking by him.

Where he is now: Since his resignation and release from prison, he's been hit with a new federal charge and is awaiting trial. kwame kilpatrick +new federal charge of extortion,
Larry Craig
When: August 2007

The scandal: The former Idaho senator plead guilty to disorderly conduct after being arrested for his actions in a men's restroom at a Minneapolis airport. larry craig foot tapping +cruising for sex,

It gets worse: After the conviction, reports surfaced of additional sex allegations involving men. Get details. larry craig +gay partner allegations,

Stand by me: Wife Suzanne denied allegations that Craig was gay and claimed his guilty plea was a mistake. off the record by lynn allison,

Where he is now: While Craig has remained low-key, a play based on the scandal opened to rave reviews at a theater in Boise.
David Vitter
When: July 2007

The scandal: The Louisiana senator was identified as a client of D.C. Madam Deborah Jeane Palfrey.

An ironic twist: In 1998, his wife, Wendy, scolded Hillary Clinton for staying married to then-President Clinton, stating, "I'm a lot more like Lorena Bobbitt than Hillary. If he [Vitter] does something like that, I'm walking away with one thing, and it's not alimony, trust me." lorena bobbitt +severed penis,

Stand by me: Wendy devotedly stood with him as he publicly apologized.

Where he is now: Vitter's career and body parts seem to remain intact. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the D.C. Madam. d.c. madam deborah jeane palfrey +suicide,
Antonio Villaraigosa
When: June 2007

The scandal: After news broke in a local paper, the Los Angeles mayor confessed to having an affair with a Telemundo television reporter.

It gets worse: Reports later surfaced about a tryst with a friend's wife while his wife, Corina, was undergoing treatment.

The aftermath: In the wake of the scandal, Corina filed for divorce.

Where he is now: He is completing his final term as mayor and is involved with a television news anchor who is a former Miss USA
Jim McGreevey
When: August 2004

The scandal: Following threats from his lover's attorney of a sexual harassment lawsuit, the former New Jersey governor came out as homosexual.

It gets worse: The boy-toy claimed to be one of many victims of sexual harassment by McGreevey. Read his interviews. Theodore Pedersen, a former aide to McGreevey +threesomes,

The aftermath: McGreevey and wife Dina eventually divorced following his admission. A former aide came forward later with more bedroom secrets.

Where he is now: McGreevey found a new love and published a memoir. Find it. His bid to enter a new career was rejected. jim mcgreevey +priesthood,
Jack Ryan
When: June 2004

The scandal: While campaigning for a vacant Illinois Senate seat, he was sued for access to his sealed divorce documents that contained allegations of his eccentric sexual requests. jack ryan scandal + sex clubs,

It gets worse: The records were later made public and the media focused more on wife Jeri's allegations and less on her work-place infidelity.

Race over: Rather than face added scrutiny, Ryan withdrew from the race.

Where he is now: While Jeri's career continues to sore, Jack has remained out of the spotlight.
Strom Thurmond
When: December 2003

The scandal: Shorty after the former South Carolina senator's milestone birthday, a retired teacher came forward claiming to be his daughter, the product of a tryst with his family's African-American maid. senator strom thurmond 100th birthday,

Legacy conflict: Over the course of his life, he privately provided financial support to his secret daughter, including paying her college tuition. What was not a secret was his stance on a proposed civil rights bill. thurmond holds record for filibuster,

Stand by me: Thurmond's family publicly acknowledged the claim. strom thurmond's family confirms paternity claim,

Final note: Thurmond died six months prior to the revelation. senator strom thurmond died June 6, 2003,
Steven C. LaTourette
When: October 2003

The scandal: Congressman LaTourette phoned his wife to ask for a divorce and to break the news about his infidelity with a lobbyist.

The aftermath: His wife, Susan, shared the news with a Capitol Hill newspaper and blamed the indiscretions on Washington corruption.

Where he is now: After Susan exited the stage, the congressman made his mistress the new missus. jennifer laptook latourette,
Gary Condit
When: May 2001

The scandal: Following the disappearance of a D.C. intern and her family's exposure of her affair with a politician, the California congressman admitted to being the missing piece of the puzzle. flight attendant ann marie smith, chandra levy remains +dc rock creek park,

It gets worse: Levy was not Condit's first conquest. Media attention on Condit intensified when Levy's body was found.

Stand by me: Wife Carolyn remained in his corner.

Where he is now: Condit is penning a book about his wife's support during the scandal

Levy case solved: A suspect was finally arrested and convicted in Levy's murder. Ingmar Guandique + 60 years sentencing,
Newt Gingrich
When: 1999

The scandal: While Gingrich was holding on to wife No. 2, who was his mistress while with wife No. 1, he began an affair with a Congressional staffer.

It gets worse: Gingrich waited six months between marriages one and two, but waited only four months to make his latest mistress his wife. marianne gingrich +open marriage,

Ex revelations: Second wife Marianne claimed Gingrich divorced her after she refused his surprising suggestion.

Where he is now: Gingrich is still married to wife No. 3. In April, he conceded the 2012 GOP race
Bill Clinton
When: January 1998

The scandal: A White House intern claimed to have had sexual encounters with Clinton on several occasions.

It gets worse: Clinton used the media to deny the allegations. Watch it here.

Stand by me: In a taped grand jury testimony, Clinton confessed that his relationship with Lewinsky was inappropriate. Wife Hillary, chose to stick it out. Her current role.

Where he is now: After suffering the embarrassment of impeachment, Clinton now spends his time on diplomatic missions.
Charles S. Robb
When: April 1991

The scandal: The former Virginia senator and governor fessed up to spending time alone with a former pageant beauty in a hotel room, though his admission fell short of infidelity.

It gets worse: The mistress later confessed they had been having an intimate secret rendezvous since 1983. tai collins +a chance for children,

Stand by me: Robb's wife, Lynda, made little comment about the scandal and remains by his side.

Where he is now: Robb is still involved in politics and also lends his expertise to students at George Mason University. charles robb +george mason professor of law and public policy,
Gary Hart
When: May 1987

The scandal: When Colorado Sen. Gary Hart announced his candidacy for the 1988 presidential race, it opened the floodgates to speculation about his extramarital affair with a model.

It gets worse: Hart taunted reporters and said they would be disappointed when finding nothing. They accepted the challenge and soon obtained proof, sealing his presidential fate.

Stand by me: Hart's wife, Lee, backed his explanation of innocence, and is with him today.

Where he is now: Hart took a position at the University of Colorado, founded a public policy organization and started his own blog. gary hart +Wirth Chair Professor,
Dan Crane
When: July 1983

The scandal: Known as the Congressional Page sex scandal, the House Ethics Committee reprimanded Crane for engaging in multiple sex acts with a female congressional page program member.

It gets worse: Crane's act was particularly despicable because it took place with a minor. dan crane +17 year old female congressional page,

Stand by me: While Newt Gingrich pushed for expulsion, the House voted to modify the proposal to censure.

Where he is now: Crane returned to his first career following his fall from politics.
John Young
When: June 1976

The scandal: After being re-elected 10 times, Young was accused of demanding sex for job security by his former secretary. colleen gardner staffer +1976,

Media blitz: Though Young was cleared of charges due to lack of evidence, Gardner went on a media tour.

The aftermath: His wife, Jane, fell to the pressure of the scandal.

Final note: Young left politics and worked as a consultant until his death. congressman john young +wife jane committed suicide,
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