Police Called Overdue Books

Police Called Overdue Books
Police Overdue Library Books 4 Year Old
Police Called Overdue Books, Police Overdue Library Books 4 Year Old, Most parents would be delighted if their kids showed a lot of enthusiasm for reading books.

But one four-year-old girl took her hobby too far - racking up so many fines from the local library the police had to get involved.

Katelyn Jageman borrowed Sleeping Beauty, Corduroy’s Halloween, Dora The Explorer, The Halloween Cat and I See The Moon from her local library in October last year.

When the books were not returned, the president of the library was forced to report the incident to the police.

The fines had amounted to $81.60 – that a lot of pocket money for a pre-schooler.

And the police had to go looking for little Katelyn.

The Freeport Area Library is a non-federal and non-state organisation that relies on proceeds from its second-hand book store to stay open. police called overdue books.

Around 12,000 people in the area use the facility.

So Donna Michael, president of the library, reluctantly reported the incident.

‘We’re here to serve the community and we try to do it as best we can, and all we really want is to have our library materials returned,’ she said.

Katelyn’s mother had since returned the books, paid the fine in full and apologised to the library.

It’s not clear if the four-year-old will get a bedtime story anytime soon.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2143217/Bookish-year-old-trouble-police-80-worth-library-fines.html#ixzz1uqpc2GE7
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