Funny 911 Calls (Video)

Funny 911 Calls (Video), Funny 911 calls dispatcher get to hear their fair share of sadness and misery but every so often they receive a call into the 911 call center that brightens up their day. While most of them are sad or horrifying, some are pretty strange, and others are just out right hilarious. I have searched the Internet many times looking for funny 911 calls and have placed some of the best ones I have ever heard right here, for you to hear!

If there's an emergency, who you gonna call? 911, of course. But some 911 calls are made by people who forget that the crisis service is not a hot line to make complaints or wacky requests. These offenders face arrest and other penalties for using poor 911 judgment.

Minivan gone mad

When: April 2012

The call: Earlicia Latricia Young-Rentz called 911 after driving her minivan with her husband clinging to the hood. How did he end up there?

The consequences: She was arrested and charged with domestic aggravated assault. Just a few months earlier she had been arrested on a similar charge but it was dropped
Facebook faceoff

When: March 2012

The call: Doyle Jay Hardwick's wife wouldn't go to bed  and let him check Facebook in peace, so he called 911.

The consequences: Hardwick was arrested, charged with misuse of 911 and sentenced to time in jail (how long?).
Bathroom brouhaha

When: March 2012

The call: Claiming she was lost in the woods and didn't know where to urinate, Marcia Usher  called 911 simply to ask where she could go. When the police traced her call, they found she wasn't in the woods at all

The consequences: After she was found with this weapon, Usher was charged with carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, resisting arrest and possession of this drug

Picking a fight with the wrong crowd

When: January 2012

The call: John R. Pacella called 911  looking for a fight — literally. When officers came to his home, he immediately started shoving them.

The consequences: Pacella, who has been in trouble before (for what?), was arrested and charged with aggravated battery, resisting a police officer and battery with intent to provoke or insult. What type of charges are these?
Overindulging during the holidays?

When: December 2011

The call: Mary Ellen Lisee decided it was best to call 911 in late December last year to tell them she ate too much. Where did she call from?

The consequences: Lisee, who was with her boyfriend at the time , was arrested and charged with misuse of 911 and disorderly conduct.

Robbery gone wrong

When: November 2011

The call: John Davidson III was forced to call 911 after he was injured  while trying to rob a grocery store in this North Carolina city.

The consequences: Police planned to charge Davidson with two counts of robbery and assault once he was released from the hospital
Running on empty

When: November 2011

The call: William Hodges was forced to call 911 when his boat ran out of gas (where was he?). Another problem. It wasn't his boat

The consequences: Hodges was charged with grand theft. His sentence may depend on whether the theft was considered first-, second- or third-degree grand theft
One bad apple?

When: November 2011

The call: An apparently intoxicated Michael Alan Skopec called 911 multiple times (how many?) last year to complain that his smartphone  was broken.

The consequences: Skopec was arrested and charged with obstructing or resisting a peace officer.
Fast food fiasco

When: September 2011

The call: Terry Kimball, from this Florida hotspot, called 911 after he was refused service at a fast food window  because he walked up to the window rather than drove.

The consequences: Kimball was arrested and charged with misuse of 911. What can the punishment be for this charge?
Change of plans

When: April 2011

The call: Dexter White called 911 last year to say his drug dealer shortchanged him (what did he buy?). He initially asked to have this unit of law enforcement sent out to him.

The consequences: White was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. Why this charge?
Badgering boozer

When: September 2010

The call: Emergency dispatchers in South Florida  were badgered in 2010 by Ronald Ernest Jones, who claimed his landlady had stolen his liquor. What did he demand?

The consequences: Jones was charged with misuse of 911 and ordered by a judge to take self-help steps.
Hot tub & a hot drink

When: August 2010

The call: After soaking in the hot tub of a home in suburban Portland, Ore.  lonely homeless man Mark Eskelsen called 911 and asked for a hot beverage. What else did he ask for?

The consequences: Eskelsen, 45, whom police said was in an altered frame of mind, was arrested and charged with trespassing  and misusing the 911 system.
Can't get no satisfaction

When: May 2010

The call: Elmer L. Hughes Jr. called dispatchers to disagree with a decision that an officer had made about his case while police were still at the scene. What did Hughes do next?

The consequences: Hughes was arrested and charged with misusing the emergency system.
Wedding woes

When: November 2009

The call: A wannabe bride in Clarksville, Tenn., allegedly sought sympathy for her romantic woes when she called 911 to complain about her boyfriend . Despite being warned to stop after the first call, Hee Orama kept calling  until officers arrived at her home.

The consequences: Instead of walking down the aisle, Orama  was arrested in connection with making non-emergency calls. Watch news coverage of Orama's call.
Pot of gold?

When: November 2009

The call: Calvin Hoover called 911 in 2009 to report items were stolen from his truck, including cash , a jacket and marijuana  Dispatchers had trouble understanding him  and sent authorities to find him.

The consequences: Hoover  was arrested for driving under the influence of intoxicants.
Self-policing motorist

When: October 2009

The call: A Wisconsin woman didn't wait for another motorist to call 911 to report her dangerous driving last fall. Mary Strey ratted on herself. What did the dispatcher advise her to do?

The consequences: Strey was charged with misdemeanor drunken driving. How high was her blood alcohol level?
Hungry & confused

When: September 2009

The call: Hunger and transportation drove Benjamin Dewer to call 911  But authorities neither fed Dewer nor delivered him , as requested.

The consequences: Dewer was arrested and charged with being under the influence of alcohol and making false calls to 911. After pleading guilty to the charge, he was sentenced to spend some time in jail (how much?). At least there was food there.
A messy situation

When: May 2009

The call: Bedford, Ohio, resident Andrew Mizsak called 911 to complain that his son, also named Andrew, would not clean his messy room. The younger Andrew reportedly threw a plate of food across the kitchen table when told to clean his room. How old was his son at the time?

The consequences: Mizsak Sr. decided not to press charges against his son (why not, exactly?) and said he overreacted. What did the younger Andrew promise in return?
PlayStation problems

When: March 2009

The call: Anthony White called 911 in 2009 to report his PlayStation was missing. What did he say happened to it?

The consequences: When police reportedly showed up at his home, White told them he had a gun and then made a bizarre request (what was it?). As a result, he was arrested on charges of making terroristic threats.
McNugget madness

When: February 2009

The call: Latreasa Goodman griped to 911 after having a meltdown at a McDonald's. The emergency? The fast-food chain ran out of a signature menu item  and wouldn't give her a refund.

The consequences: The Florida woman, who was charged with misuse of 911, later told the media that she was "embarrassed" and suffered public backlash.

When: February 2009

The call: Burger King boasts that you can have it your way. Apparently, Jean Fortune didn't get his way in 2009 when he couldn't order his favorite beverage  When the Florida man told the drive-thru cashier that he would call 911, the cashier had this response.

The consequences: Fortune, whose thirst wasn't quenched, was charged with misusing 911. Watch news coverage of his call.
Traffic trouble

When: October 2008

The call: Sen. John McCain's brother Joe called 911 in 2008 to complain he was stuck in traffic He reportedly swore at the 911 dispatcher and then tried his luck calling the police.

The consequences: Joe apologized for making the call and withdrew himself from participating in campaign activities for his brother. What did he say John's response to the call would be?
Sub-standard service?

When: July 2008

The call: Reginald Peterson called emergency services in 2008 after one of his sandwiches  wasn't made properly. It was reportedly missing one key ingredient

The consequences: Peterson was arrested and charged with making false 911 calls. He also had a number of prior convictions
Playing pranks

When: February 2008

The call: A man in California  thought himself a bit of a trickster in 2008 when he called 911 an unbelievable number of times . The calls, which were filled with strange sounds , overwhelmed the system.

The consequences: Police charged John Triplette with making phony 911 calls to police and the California Highway Patrol. Why did he do it?
A dating emergency?

When: June 2006

The call: Lorna Jeanne Dudash (from this tropically named area of Oregon) called 911 in 2006 to ask a good-looking officer to return to her home. Why was he there previously?

The consequences: The only date Dudash got was a court date after she was charged with misusing 911.
Brownie overdose?

When: April 2006

The call: Michigan police officer Edward Sanchez called 911 himself in 2006 to say he and his wife were overdosing after eating brownies laced with marijuana (how much?). Where did he get the marijuana?

The consequences: Sanchez resigned from the police force, reportedly to avoid prosecution. What was the public's response to his punishment?

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