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Celebrities Internships, Some people come to Hollywood and never leave, Lauren Conrad teen vogue intern, Celeb Internships, while others use it as a launching pad toward other careers. And while sometimes those brief stints don't pan out, it's always nice to see celebs trying something new for the sake of finding themselves. From Lauren Conrad to Lady Gaga, take a look at some of Hollywood's most curious actors and musicians who moonlit as interns for a few months.

Lauren Conrad
Perhaps the most famous intern, Lauren turned her summer job into a reality TV show. The world watched as, Lauren Conrad teen vogue intern, she jetted off to glamorous photo shoots and turned down an opportunity in Paris all in the name of her relationship. While she now dabbles in a lot of different jobs, this first gig really set the stage for the many ways she has become successful since then. lauren conrad teen vogue intern, lauren conrad fashion, lauren conrad websites,
Kanye West
The future seemed bright for Kanye after all his major musical successes a few years ago. But after his epic meltdown that involved stealing the stage from Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, Kanye took a much-needed break from Hollywood. Instead of sitting around doing nothing, he used his new freedom to learn the tricks of the trade of one of his other favorite industries. kanye west fendi internship, kanye west fashion, kanye west kim kardashian,
Mary-Kate Olsen
After spending her whole life in front of the camera and a year at New York University, Mary-Kate decided to pursue one of her other favorite hobbies. Being a well-connected star has its perks because she got to work with one of the most famous people in this industry. mary-kate olsen intern with annie leibovitz, Mary-Kate Olsen Style,
Ashley Olsen
Much like her sister Mary-Kate, ashley olsen intern zac posen, when it came time to find a job that matched her professional goals, Ashley decided to learn from the best. That gig must have paid off, because now she heads up a few different fashion companies, and one of them is a go-to brand for many other celebs. ashley olsen intern zac posen, ashley olsen boyfriends,
John Krasinski
Sure, he makes us laugh every week as the lovable Jim Halpert on "The Office," but this star once started at the bottom of the TV totem pole. During his summer internship, John probably picked up a few tips on how to make people laugh from his famous boss. john krasinski intern conan obrien,
Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga internship philip treacy, She's got some pretty unusual style and loves having creative control over all parts of her public persona. So it was only natural that Lady Gaga would want to work under someone who could teach her a few things about keeping her ensembles fresh and funky. lady gaga internship philip treacy,
Frances Bean Cobain
Frances Bean cobain intern rolling stone, As the daughter of one of the most troublesome and famous rocker couples of the '90s, Frances clearly has music in her blood. After emancipating herself from her mom, Courtney Love, she took a job that would enhance her musical knowledge and fit her background. frances bean cobain intern rolling stone, frances bean cobain photos, frances cobain courtney love,
Ryan Adams
Ryan Adams blackbook intern, This guy has had a lot of success performing his music, but he still wanted to get experience in a different side of the entertainment world, even if it meant he'd be in a low-level job. Don't worry -- Ryan still had to get coffee and organize closets even though he was the most famous guy in the room. ryan adams blackbook intern, ryan adams music,
Brooke Shields
Brooke Shields intern san diego zoo, She may have made a career for herself as the beautiful girl next door who could rock a pair of Calvin Kleins like nobody's business. But in an effort to get away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood, Brooke opted for an unusual summer gig that brought her closer to nature. brooke shields intern san diego zoo, Brooke Shields Addams Family,
Shenae Grimes
Shenae Grimes teen vogue internship, Despite being only 22 years old, Shenae isn't afraid to work hard. After filming a whole season of "90210," she took a summer job to indulge in one of her other favorite things: fashion. shenae grimes teen vogue internship, Shenae Grimes Tattoos,
Sean Avery
A far cry from his everyday job as a hockey enforcer on the ice, Sean decided to work with one of the toughest ladies in fashion. Even after his brief stint working for her was done, he said he'd love to go back anytime he could. sean avery intern, sean avery anna wintour,
Tallulah Willis
Unlike most people who wait to intern until they are in college, Tallulah used her connections from her parents -- Bruce Willis and Demi Moore -- to land her dream gig. At a mere 15 years of age, this lucky lady was sitting in on fashion meetings with big-time editorial power players. tallulah willis harpers bazaar intern,
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