Steve Bing Elizabeth Hurley Lisa Bonder

Steve Bing Elizabeth Hurley Lisa Bonder, Famous men with several baby mamas, Out-of-wedlock births are on the rise and parents who are unmarried is a common occurence these days.

At the age of 18, Steve Bing inherited an estimated $600 million from his grandfather, Leo S. Bing, who had made his fortune in New York real estate.

Steve Bing has been linked to several high-profile women: Elizabeth Hurley, Liv Tyler and Cheryl Crow. His baby mamas are Elizabeth Hurley and Lisa Bonder.

Around 2001, he was involved in two separate paternity cases involving models Elizabeth Hurley and Lisa Bonder and their babies.

In 2001, he became British tabloid fodder after actress, model, and Estee Lauder spokesmodel Elizabeth Hurley announced she was pregnant and claimed Bing was the father of the baby. Bing denied he was the father and claimed they did not have an "exclusive" relationship. A DNA test proved that Bing was indeed the father. It is not known whether he has any relationship with his son Damian. Damian's godfathers include Hurley's long-time ex-boyfriend Hugh Grant, Elton John, and actor Denis Leary. Hurley married Arun Nayar in 2007. London's Daily Mail said that Hurley and her friends referred to Bing as "Bing Laden".

Separately but also in 2001, Bing's name appeared in the news when he sued billionaire Kirk Kerkorian for invasion of privacy. Bing alleged that Kerkorian's private investigators took Bing's dental floss out of his trash to collect his DNA. At the time, Kerkorian was in a legal fight with his ex-wife Lisa Bonder, a former professional tennis player, over the amount of child support he would pay, with the billionaire reportedly suspecting Bing (a previous boyfriend) to be the father of the child. After Bing was proved by DNA test to be the father of Bonder's child, Bing and Kerkorian settled their dispute out of court.

The paternity of Bonder's daughter was revealed thanks to the efforts of Anthony Pellicano, a Los Angeles private investigator (and wiretapper) hired by Kerkorian's lawyer,[5] and also a "friend" to Bing. According to an FBI summary, Pellicano sometimes played Hollywood clients against each other, at one point asking financier (and Bing friend) Ron Burkle for a $100,000 to $250,000 shakedown in order not to be investigated by Michael Ovitz, another Pellicano client. In a twist to the case, The New York Times reported payments of $335,000 by Bing to Pellicano between June 2000 and August 2002. According to excerpts of recorded calls, Pellicano bragged to Kerkorian's lawyer in April and May 2002 that he was "working for" and "consulting for" Bing in matters related to Elizabeth Hurley and her son's disputed paternity, which was then in the news. A lawyer for Bing, Martin Singer, called Pellicano's statement regarding Hurley "an absolute lie." (The Daily Mail reportedly paid a "substantial" settlement to Bing in 2003 after Pellicano's sworn statement that he had "never been engaged by Mr. Bing nor his attorney Mr. Martin Singer to investigate anyone on Mr. Bing’s behalf, including Ms. Hurley.") Following two trials in 2008 in which Bing did not testify, Pellicano was convicted of 78 counts of wiretapping, racketeering, wire fraud, and conspiracy. Pellicano was sentenced to 15 years in prison and ordered, with co-conspirator Terry N. Christensen, to forfeit $2 million.
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