Kim Kardashian as she vows to 'work on me for a bit' and poses for a sultry new shoot

Kim Kardashian as she vows to 'work on me for a bit' and poses for a sultry new shoot
Kim Kardashian as she vows to 'work on me for a bit' and poses for a sultry new shoot, She's had a difficult year after the demise of her marriage to Kris Humphries after just 72 days,

But now Kim Kardashian is determined to move on with her life, and has vowed to 'put the past behind me'.

The 31-year-old star made the admission while posing for a sultry new shoot for Britain's Cosmopolitan magazine.

Sultry and sexy: Kim Kardashian has posed for a sexy new shoot in Cosmopolitan magazine as she says she is vowing to put the past behind her and concentrate on her future

She said: 'I’ve got a feeling this is going to be a good year for me - I’m putting the past behind me and have never felt more confident about my future.'

Referring to rumours about various celebrity hook-ups, Kim insisted she is more than single, and not looking for a new boyfriend right now.

She added: 'I’m not even close to dating again! And it’s just ridiculous when I’m linked to people I’ve never met or heard of… I’ve learnt to not care.

'There are always going to be ridiculous rumours. I’m just going to work on me for a bit.'

In the accompanying shoot, Kim is seen showing off her curves in an off-the-shoulder pink top and white shorts with her long hair left loose, changing into a patterned top with a up 'do for another shot.

However, despite the fact that Kim looks picture perfect in the spread, she insists that she hasn't always been confident about her curvy figure.

She said: 'I didn’t always have a lot of confidence – especially not early on… But as I’ve got older, my confidence has grown and I like the person I am today because of that. I get a lot of my confidence from my sisters.

'If I don’t feel confident about my body, I’m not going to sit at home and feel sorry for myself and not do something about it. It’s all about taking action and not being lazy.

'So you do the work, whether it’s fitness or whatever. It’s about getting up, motivating yourself and just doing it.'

Jetsetting style: Kim looked chic in a monochrome outfit as she jetted out of Los Angeles yesterday

Kim also revealed that she tries to hide from mirror as much as possible, adding: 'It's the inner confidence that makes you feel sexy, especially when doing a lingerie shoot.

'It's always uncomfortable because there are a million people around doing the lighting and stuff, so it's not the intimate thing you think it is when you see the photo. You just have to give your best. It's a whole production but no one even pays attention.'

Meanwhile, when it comes to her failed marriage to Kris, Kim says that she isn't letting the experience put her off finding love again in the future.

She said: 'I think you have different soulmates throughout your life; that your soul needs different things at different times. I’m sure my soul will meet a mate one day in the future.

'I do believe in love, I will always believe in love, but my idea has changed from what I’ve always thought… I just don’t believe in one soulmate now.'

However, one thing Kim would change is ever having a relationship on screen again.

She said: 'We know that we put ourselves in the public eye. We love doing our reality show, and it’s opened doors for us to have clothing lines… and to do things we’ve always dreamt of. So it comes with the territory and we know that. But as I get older and go through certain things, it’s made me want to be more of a private person.

'I don’t think I would stop doing the reality show – I love doing it – but I wouldn’t have another relationship shown on the show. That might be too personal, especially when you’re just meeting someone. It’s taught me to be more private.'

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