Khloe Kardashian Cooks Naked For Lamar

Khloe Kardashian Cooks Naked For Lamar, 'I cook for him naked': Khloe Kardashian shares how she spices up her sex life with husband Lamar as she dons plunging top for magazine cover.

She's never one to shy away from talking about sex and has even shared her bedroom antics on her reality show.

So it's no surprise that Khloe Kardashian was chosen to front next month's Cosmopolitan magazine.

The reality TV star, 27, graces the cover of April's sex issue of the U.S. glossy and shows off her seductive side in a plunging black top.

The Khloe and Lamar star tells the magazine how she spices up her relationship with her husband Lamar Odom.

The reality star was asked if she would cook or do a striptease to do something nice for the basketball player.

She said: 'Both- together! I cook for him naked.'

Khloe also spoke out about the scrutiny and gossip about her and her husband having children.

She explained: 'People make me feel like I have a problem because I haven't had a kid yet.'

'We were thinking we had to know when I was ovulating. But seriously? That took the fun out of everything.'
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