Wives Of Politicians

Wives Of Politicians, Politicians are always in the spotlight, but rarely does that light shine on the women in their lives. Some wives of politicians maintain their own careers, while others work as community activists. Find out more about the women behind the men in politics.

Joe Biden
Biden: He is the current vice president of the United States who also served as a senator from Delaware from 1971 to 2009.
Joe Biden's wife Jill Biden: She's a former model who studied education in college and earned her doctorate in 2007. She currently works as a teacher and is said to be the first second lady of the U.S. to work while her husband is in office.

John Boehner
Boehner: He is the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives who also serves as a representative for a congressional district in his home state.
Debbie Boehner, center, at the opening session of Congress. She was flanked by her daughters, Tricia and Lindsay, right.
John Boehner's wife Debbie Boehner: She met Boehner when he worked as a janitor and was cleaning near her desk. She now works in real estate and as a part-time cashier. She says she has no plans to move to Washington, D.C.

Jerry Brown
Brown: The son of a former California governor , Brown served two terms as governor of the nation's largest state before being elected to a third non-consecutive term in 2011. At 73, he is the nation's oldest governor.
Jerry Brown's wife Anne Gust Brown: A Stanford University graduate and California attorney, she was chief administrative officer and executive vice president of Gap Inc., and a director for Jack in the Box. She married Brown, 20 years her senior, in 2005 after a 15-year courtship. It is the first marriage for both.

Scott Brown
Brown: He is a senator from Massachusetts  who also worked as a model. In 1982, he was named "America's Sexiest Man" by Cosmopolitan magazine .
Scott Brown's wife Gail Huff Brown: She is a former TV news reporter who apparently met Brown through modeling. She resigned six months after he won his seat and the couple's oldest daughter, Ayla, was an "American Idol" semifinalist.

Herman Cain
Cain: He is a former candidate for this year's Republican presidential nomination. He suspended his campaign after multiple sexual misconduct allegations. Herman Cain endorses Newt Gingrich

Herman Cain's wife Gloria Cain: She has worked as a teacher and a librarian but is now a homemaker. The two, who apparently met at a grocery store that Cain worked at, went out on one date and then married after graduating college.
Rahm Emanuel
Emanuel: He is the mayor of Chicago after leaving his job as White House chief of staff. He also served as senior advisor to former President Bill Clinton. Rahm Emanuel jewish
Rahm Emanuel's wife Amy Rule Emanuel: She is a stay-at-home mom who has worked with disadvantaged kids. It is said that the two were set up on a blind date in 1990. She converted to Emanuel's faith just before their wedding in 1994.

Newt Gingrich
Gingrich: He is a candidate for this year's Republican presidential nomination. He also has served as a political consultant and speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives (1995-1999).
Newt Gingrich's wife Callista Gingrich: She is the president of a multimedia company, where she hosts and produces documentaries and films. She is Gingrich's third wife, whom he reportedly had an affair with while he was still married to his second wife.

Rudy Giuliani
Giuliani: He is the former mayor of New York who also ran for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008.
Rudy Giuliani's wife Judith Giuliani: She is a registered nurse who is active in fundraising and charitable work. She was the managing director for an international philanthropic company  and became a founding board member of a fund for families of 9/11 victims .

Jesse Jackson Jr.
Jackson Jr.: He is the son of civil rights activist Jesse Jackson and a representative for a congressional district in Illinois. There were reports he may have been involved in a former governor's  corruption scandal.
Jesse Jackson Jr.'s wife Sandi Jackson: She is an alderman for the city of Chicago. Her candidacy for the position sparked national news and created buzz that she might run for a spot in the U.S. House of Representatives. She also owns her own consulting firm and works as a political consultant.

John Kerry
Kerry: He is the 10th most senior U.S. senator  and was once the Democratic presidential nominee .
John Kerry's wife Heinz Kerry: She is a highly recognized philanthropist and the chair of two organizations that give money to social and environmental causes. She is the widow of a former senator who was an heir to the H.J. Heinz Company.

Dennis Kucinich
Kucinich: He is the representative for a congressional district in Ohio. He was also a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2004 and 2008.
Dennis Kucinich's wife Elizabeth Kucinich: She is the public affairs director for a nonprofit organization . She apparently met Kucinich while working for a financial analyst. The two were engaged soon after they met, despite a significant age difference. Physicians committee for responsible medicine, kucinich 31 age difference

Joe Lieberman
Lieberman: He is a senator from Connecticut who was also the Democratic nominee for vice president in 2000 . In 2006, he changed political parties.
Joe Lieberman's wife Hadassah Lieberman: She is the child of Holocaust survivors who works for a global public relations company. She has held senior positions at companies like Lehman Brothers and Pfizer. She also co-authored a book with her husband.

John McCain
McCain: He is a senator from Arizona who was also the Republican presidential nominee in 2008 .
John McCain's wife Cindy McCain: She is an heir to one of the largest beer distributors in the US . She also worked as a special education teacher and founded a nonprofit organization that brings medical staff to disaster-stricken areas . She reportedly also battled an addiction to painkillers.

Barack Obama
Obama: He is the president of the United States and the first African-American to hold the office. He also served as a senator from Illinois.
Barack Obama's wife Michelle Obama: She is the first African-American first lady of the United States, and she has worked as a lawyer and an associate dean. She also launched a campaign against childhood obesity and set a Guinness world record. Michelle Obama world record.

Ron Paul
Paul: He is the representative of a congressional district in Texas and a candidate for this year's Republican presidential nomination. It's his third time as a candidate.
Ron Paul's wife Carol Wells Paul: She has worked as a secretary and a dance instructor. The two met in high school and had their first date on her 16th birthday. They have five children together; one of them serves as a senator for Kentucky.

Harry Reid
Reid: He has been serving as a senator for Nevada since 1987. He is also the Senate majority leader and was previously the minority leader as well as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives.
Harry Reid's wife Landra Reid: She is Reid's high school sweetheart who supposedly took a job at a chemical company to help him through college. In 2010, she and the couple's daughter were seriously injured in a car wreck . She is battling cancer. Landra Reid tractor crash,

Mitt Romney
Romney: He is a former governor of Massachusetts and a candidate for this year's Republican presidential nomination.
Mitt Romney's wife Ann Romney: She has known Romney since elementary school and was a stay-at-home mom while he pursued politics. She was diagnosed with a debilitating disease in 1998 and survived a non-invasive type of breast cancer.

Bernie Sanders
Sanders: He is a senator from Vermont who also served as a representative for a congressional district in the state and as a mayor.
Bernie Sanders' wife Jane O'Meara Sanders: She studied child development and sociology in collegeand earned her Ph.D. in 2000. In February, she stepped down from her role as president of a private university after working there seven years.

Rick Santorum
Santorum: He is a former senator from Pennsylvania and a candidate for this year's Republican presidential nomination.
Rick Santorum's wife Karen Santorum: She worked as a neonatal nurse before attending law school. The two apparently met while Santorum was recruiting interns for a law firm. The couple lost one son at birth but have seven children, including a daughter with a genetic disorder.
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