Ugly Bridesmaid Dresses

Ugly Bridesmaid Dresses, Bridesmaid dresses is your number one source for finding your bridesmaid dresses for your wedding.
Extreme hoop skirts, There are two enduring wedding cliches: All brides are beautiful, and all bridesmaid dresses are ugly, unless it’s Pippa Middleton. But some bridesmaid dresses go beyond ugly to truly hideous. We’ve assembled a small collection of dresses that are sure to make you cringe. See if you can guess which movie or TV show they are from, or which stars are wearing them.

Little Bo Peep would feel right at home in this flower-bedecked, hoop-skirted atrocity from a 2008 romantic comedy starring Katherine Heigl. The yellow-and-orange combination just screams good taste, but it’s the snug little bonnet and fluffy parasol that move this dress from merely ugly to “oh my god.” Film featured this Little Bo Peep number 27 Dresses

Tiered bridesmaid dresses : Tiered atrocities, Whoever said “pretty in pink” wasn’t looking at the bridesmaid dresses from this 1978 Robert Altman dark comedy. The four-tiered design of these dresses is a study in shapelessness, and the big hat casts a shadow over what little self-regard the women in the wedding party may have left. Notice how the bride is the only one really smiling is this photo? That’s because she looks fabulous by comparison. Film featured these pink tiers A Wedding. hats of princesses eugenie and beatrice
Sexy bridesmaid dresses : Sexy surprise pic, Cultures aren’t the only thing clashing in this 2002 romantic comedy by Nia Vardalos. This dress seems wholly inappropriate for a bridesmaid, unless she’s planning to seduce the groom. But some bridesmaids choose to ignore what the bride wants and march to the beat of their own fashion drummer. Film were these sexy dresses My Big Fat Greek Wedding.
Multi-style bridesmaid dresses : Mixed monstrosities photo, The women in this scene from a popular 2011 comedy are dressed in three different versions of god-awful—and they know it, too. Just look at their faces. Film featured these dresses Bridesmaids
Long-sleeved jacket on bridesmaid dresses : The picture of ill-fitting frump, Nothing says “frumpy” quite so well as the boxed shoulders shoulder pads, jacketed look, and slightly-too-long sleeves of the dresses that were featured in this star-studded wedding from a popular daytime drama. The eye patch worn by one of the groomsmen is a nice touch, too. Very rakish. TV show featured this frumpy look days of our lives.
Cheap bridesmaid dress : White trash wedding look, This is what happens when strippers marry—even the bride looks slutty. As for the mother of the bride that loosely low-cut flowered number makes her look as though she’s heading straight from the wedding reception to the local singles bar. This white trash ensemble Friday Night Lights
Tropical bridesmaid dresses : Much too tropical view, These well-known actresses, both drop-dead gorgeous under normal circumstances, are wearing bridesmaid dresses that make them look like cocktail waitresses in a Tiki bar. Floral patterns are tricky, even for theme weddings, and this tropical print is one that would look better at a luau than a wedding. TV show were these tropical-themed dresses friends tv show.
Mother of bride dresses : Image of matronly mistakes, The best we can say about these two matronly bridesmaid dresses is that they are color coordinated. Neither style is flattering, and those jackets are six kinds of ugly. At least the mother of the bride looks sweet in her soft pink suit and pillbox hat, although the appliqué trim on her skirt and jacket is a bit much. TV show featured this matronly duo golden girls television show.
Chiffon bridesmaid shawl : Bad accessory look, What woman wouldn’t want a chiffon, this fabric Chiffon, shawl that covers her shoulders, gathers in back just above her waist, and then spills down her back in waves of airy fabric like some multi-colored waterfall? Well, pretty much any woman who hasn’t lost every shred of fashion sense she ever had. Film highlighted this chiffon wrap Revenge of the Bridesmaids.
Bridesmaids in hats : Head-turning look, Here’s an easy way to turn your dream wedding into a fashion nightmare: Choose matching bridesmaid dresses in three electric, but conflicting, colors, and then make your bridesmaids wear floppy little head scarves that wouldn’t look good on anyone. Scarves can be seen in this film Confessions of a Shopaholic.
Hoop skirt bridesmaid dresses : Awful ensemble pic, This outfit has it all, from the multi-colored petticoats, to the hot pink fanny bow, to the Dalmatian jacket. Taken together, it adds up to a fashion nightmare. One thing is for sure: If this is what the bridesmaids are wearing, no one will be looking at the bride. Film features this dreadful ensemble Confessions of a Shopaholic.
Ugliest bridesmaid dresses : Ugly to the max view, We’ve saved the worst for last. This bridesmaid dress, featured in a popular sitcom from the 1990s, looks like what you might get if a box full of knick-knacks exploded in a lingerie store. From the bustier bodice to the absurd sleeves, this dress takes ugly to a whole new level. But it’s the little birds decorating the dress that really make it unbelievable. Not even Brooke Shields could look good in this. TV show featured the worst bridesmaid dress suddenly susan television show.
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