TSA Searches Toddler (Video)

TSA Searches Toddler (Video), You remember a couple of months ago when the Transportation Security Administration came under fire for doing a body pat-down of an old lady wearing a colostomy bag? If you thought that was ridiculous and beyond the spirit of the regulations, sit down if you are easily upset. Apparently, small children in wheelchairs are subject to search as well.

According to CNN, Matt Dubiel released a video in which a TSA agent performed a body search on his son. The boy, Rocco, is 3 years old, uses a wheelchair and is in a body cast. Yes, at that moment in 2010 when the video was taken, the screener thought the little boy in the wheelchair was a top security concern.

It boggles the mind to think what the screener was thinking when he thought to single out the young boy. What makes this more odd is that, according to MSNBC, the boy's father said the TSA didn't have scanning rules in place for children that they do now. Granted, but common sense has been readily available since the beginning of time and people neglect to use it.

You can always argue in this case it is better to be safe than sorry. The TSA has its heart in the right place, but it tends to drift from what makes sense. As the boy's father said, according to the Huffington Post, would someone who booked a Disney vacation for seven people be high on the list of terror suspects?

I hope with what is being referred to as relaxed rules, the TSA begins to exercise a little more common sense.

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