Taylor Lautner Attacks Kanye on SNL (Video)

Taylor Lautner Attacks Kanye on SNL (Video), Taylor Launter attacked Kanye West by interrupting Taylor Swift on SNL (Saturday Night Live) last night at this years MTV Video Awards. Taylor sang a song on SNL during her award acceptance speech as well as her ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas and her current boyfriend Taylor Lautner of Twilight fame.

Swift even goes on with the song having two security guards who look like secret service appear on stage next to her one holding a police sketch of Kanye West.

MTV had the highest ratings its ever had for an award show in years, Beyonce the other diva involved with the outburst appeared to be a great person as she graciously allowed Taylor to come back on stage and redo her own acceptance speech, and yes of course Taylor Swift benefited the most for everyone in the world knew who she was because of Kanye West. In fact, Taylor Lautner should do everything with his shirt off.

Taylor Lautner on Saturday Night Live
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