Snooki Pregnant

Snooki Pregnant, Nothing lights up the Web quite like rumors of a celebrity pregnancy. And with the news that "Jersey Shore’s" Nicole “Snooki" Polizzi may be expecting, the Twitterverse went into overdrive. Here are some of the best responses from the Web.

On Twitter, comments were fast, furious, and funny: @Face Palm Times writes, "#Snooki is officially pregnant -- The fetus was shown in the ultrasound to be fist pumping."

From Television Without Pity: "Our ideas for new #Snooki TV shows: 'Gym, Tan, Lamaze,' '1.6 Meters & Pregnant,' 'Contractions Are Here!' and get ready for 'Teeny Mom'!"

The Real Lobot: "Didn't the Mayans say the world was ending in December... 9 months from now #snooki will give birth. #Coincidence, I think not! #EVIL"

Ian G. ‏ @ravenlunatic76: "Word on the street is that #snooki is pregnant. In related news, local Jersey bars have filed for bankruptcy."
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Over on Yahoo!, comments on the Snooki story numbered in the thousands. Here are some of the choicest:

On the rumor that Snooki plans to cash in, Kardashian-style, on her mom-to-be status with an Us Weekly cover, the response came quick. One reader wrote, “Dear celebs, a child is not a new album, a clothing line or a gimmick.” Another agreed, adding, “Are they kidding me? Please don't let it be true. Don't let her use that baby to get more famous.”

One joked, “Even Santorum is rethinking his position (on contraception).”

Another added, “Yeah .... THAT'S what we need, Snooki spin offs.”

Another concurred, “Now the media can follow the life of Snooki's baby as it grows into a fine, unspoiled, responsible adult. With a parent like Snooki, how could it possibly turn out any other way?”
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A small minority seemed thrilled for the reality star. Marc Malkin from E! Online tweeted, "SNOOKI IS PREGNANT!!! mazel tov!!!” While OMG Facts CELEBS ‏ chimed in:”Congrats to @Snooki on her pregnancy.”

Earlier today, sources on the Web began reporting that the TV personality is pregnant, despite her denials for the last few weeks. Filming of Snooki's spinoff show with fellow "Shore" cast member and BFF Jenni "J-Woww" Farley continues in Jersey City.
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