Priscilla Presley Puffy Face

Priscilla Presley Puffy Face, Priscilla Presley caught the plastic surgery bug and unfortunately paid the price as the victim of a scandalous doctor. Around 2003, Priscilla Presley Puffy Face, a doctor by the name of Daniel Serrano from Argentina claimed to have an injection to freshen sagging faces better than botox.

He managed to fool quite a few famous clients. But what he was injecting was actually a silicon grease. These types of injections, although used in Asia and Latin America can have very bad results. The silicon can stick to tissues and distort the flesh. Dr. Serrano was sentenced to 18 months in jail for using this non-approved injection and Priscilla was left with a slightly distorted, puffy face.

At age 65 Priscilla looks much younger although overall, at certain angles, the cosmetic work is starting to make her face look a bit like a plastic mask. She has overly defined lips, which could have been surgically altered to emphasize the line between the lips and skin. Some say that she might have also had a mid face lift since there is an upward pull from her cheeks and around the corners of her mouth.
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