Paula Abdul Irrelevant to the Mix on X factor

Paula Abdul Irrelevant to the Mix on X factor, It has been claimed that Paula Abdul’s role was noted irrelevant to the mix, on the X Factor, specifically because the contestants she mentored were all picked off early in the competition, So he is fired from X Factor.

The host Steve Jones and Judges Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul are fired from X Fator USA.
They are fried after the season of X Factor. So now only Simon Cowell and LRA Reid have been left on the judges panel.

Cowell and his creative team in the United Kingdom held a meeting to discuss what they believe went right and wrong with the show’s first season in the United States.

Steve Jobs is fired from X Fatcor as because he was noticably bad, like a duck out of water in a live setting and particularly not that warmth to the contestants.

He was fired by Simon Cowell surprisingly. And Nicolo never comes across as either sweet or particulaly good villian for the judge panel.

Paula Abdul getting fired by Simon Cowell is the real surprise as Paula did a decent job on the panel. It is possible that FOX execs have essentially ordered Paula out.

Besides that, the show is just plain cheesy and seems to target the wrong demographic. X Factor targets a younger crowd, but Idol is getting the bulk of its viewers from the older crowd.

People that were saved over and over again on X Factor are the types of contestants that would have been cut in the Top 24 on American Idol. X Factor is supposed to be a reality TV show.
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