Miss Univers Jenna Talackova (Video)

Miss Univers Jenna Talackova (Video), The national director of Miss Universe Canada says pageant organizers were simply following the rules when they pulled a transgendered finalist from the competition, flatly denying Jenna Talackova's claim that she was a victim of discrimination.

"We have to have the facts straight. There is no discrimination here at all," Denis Davila told CTV News. "You can look at it the way she wants to look at it ... but we all have to follow the same rules."

With her long blonde locks and even longer legs, Talackova looks every inch the beauty queen.

But the Vancouver native was born a male, a fact she failed to note on her entry form for this year's Miss Universe Canada pageant.

The rules for the pageant franchise state that each contestant must be a "naturally born female."

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