Mexico Earthquake Magnitude 7.6

Mexico Earthquake Magnitude 7.6, According to the abc news, A 7.6-magnitude earthquake struck Mexico this afternoon, centered between Acapulco and Oaxaca, with no reported injuries. The quake's epicenter was about 115 miles east of Acapulco and six miles underground.

Workers at two hotels in Oaxaca said they noticed a few seconds of shaking but no real damage or injuries.
"Yes, we felt the shaking for 15 to 20 seconds, but no damage," a woman at the front desk of the Hotel Marina in Huatulco told ABC News.

She also said that no one was hurt.

There were no immediate building collapses or serious damage, but hundreds of panicked people took to the streets, fearing the effects an aftershock could have. No deaths or injuries have been reported.

Mexico City Mayor Marcello Ebrard tweeted, "we have an earthquake," according to the Associated Press.

Mexican President Felipe Calderon tweeted that no serious damage had been reported and that the epicenter was in municipality of Ometepec, in the state of Guerrero.

via: abcnews
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