Justin Bieber Car

Justin Bieber Car, Justin Bieber was given a birthday surprise during a U.S. TV appearance this week when his manager presented him with a brand new sports car.

The teenage pop star celebrates his 18th birthday on Thursday and he taped an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to mark his big day.

During the interview, the host brought out his manager, Scooter Braun, who had a big surprise in store for the singer.

Braun told Bieber, "You work really hard and I always yell at you not to get anything flashy... We're not about that, be humble, and I kind of broke my own rule... Since you love cars, we want to make sure you are environmentally friendly while you are on the road, so we decided to get you a car which will make you stand out... So Justin, (this is) a very hard to get car - that's a Fisker Karma."

Bieber was left open-mouthed as he was presented with the new vehicle, a luxury sports hybrid, and said, "What? That's for me?... Wow. Is it all electric? This is amazing," before giving Braun a hug.

Braun revealed the car is a gift from himself and Bieber's music mentor Usher, adding, "You work really hard and you never get anything for yourself, so Usher and I wanted to do this for you."

DeGeneres then gave Bieber a comedy sunshade and a bobblehead doll in her likeness to go in the new car.
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