Justin Bieber Boyfriend Twitter

Justin Bieber Boyfriend Twitter, Microbloggers are celebrating the release of the latest single from Justin Bieber, “Boyfriend.” Tweeps have been counting down the minutes on Twitter with the Canadian pop star until the song arrived on iTunes and are now posting their microreviews on of the song on Twitter.

“[I] can't even.. omg... ITS PERFECT! JUST OMG!!!!!!!!” and it “is the greatest song in the world,” say fans who add that it’s “[t]he only reason why Monday is amazing.”

This is “one of the best nights ever,” tweeted Justin Bieber, “[I] work hard on my music. thank u 4 the love. just the beginning.”

Justin Bieber fans are also trending the word “#Swaggie” after their idol posted it along with a link to the iTunes download page for “Boyfriend.”

Film director James Cameron has returned to the surface after successfully reaching the deepest part of the ocean in a solo submarine.

Sri Lankan cricket player Thilan “Samaraweera” has been run out at the non-striking end during day one of the 1st Test match against England, say Twitter users.

Turkish-speaking Twitterers are listing the “Süper Final” (the Turkish Super Cup football match) play-off dates for 2012.

The name of British politician “Francis Maude” is in fourth place and “No 10” Downing Street (the Local of British Prime Minister David Cameron) is in eighth place.

The phrases “#ItDoesntLookGoodWhen,” “#PreguntasQueNoSePreguntan” (Spanish for “they ask questions that shouldn't be asked”) and “CaNdyPBB4 PairForCokeHappiness” are in third, fifth and tenth places.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on March 26 at 7:30 AM GMT are:

1. Samaraweera (new)
2. #Swaggie (new)
3. #ItDoesntLookGoodWhen (new)
4. Francis Maude (new)
5. #PreguntasQueNoSePreguntan (new)
6. Süper Final (new)
7. Justin Bieber - Boyfriend (new)
8. No 10 (new)
9. James Cameron (new)
10. CaNdyPBB4 PairForCokeHappiness (new)
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