Jesse James American Chopper

Jesse James American Chopper, Jesse James American Chopper, Jesse James is ramping up the smack talk as his live American Chopper bike-building battle against Teutuls looms.

With James set to compete against the Junior/Senior team on American Chopper: The Build Off starting Dec. 5, the former Monster Garage star says Discovery gave him the chance to star in Chopper first — and he turned it down.

“I was offered that show first,” James says. “And I turned it down. Because bike building is what I’m supposed to be doing and it’s from my heart and soul.

I don’t just bedazzle a bunch of s–t for TV … [my bikes] are outlaw-looking and dangerous … I’ve never needed six motherf—ers to tell me my bike is cool.”

James also explains why he’s doing the live battle and claims he taunted the Teutuls into agreeing using a “Jedi mind trick.” Check it out in this exclusive video below. The best part is that James is inexplicably loading an assault rifle throughout the interview.
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