Jenni Jwoww Farley Breast Implants

Jenni Jwoww Farley Breast Implants, Jocelyn Wildenstein is living proof of the horrors of plastic surgery and over-indulgence. Not only does Jocelyn Wildenstein look nothing like her original self, but she has come to be a living breathing symbol of awful plastic surgery.

They say too much of a good thing always brings about unwanted results. This is especially true in the realm of plastic surgery. With the constant pressure to look good nowadays, more and more are turning to plastic surgery to correct and enhance certain features that are deemed flawed or those that can be improved upon. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Hollywood. The recipients of plastic surgery are too many to list. But every once in a while, someone goes to far. Enter Jocelyn Wildenstein.

Just by taking a quick glance to the pictures on the right should be enough to make your eyes pop out.

I know what you’re thinking, how on earth did things get so bad? Well there’s a little story behind her adventures in bad plastic surgery.

Born in Switzerland, Jocelyn PĂ©risset grew up to be a capable hunter as well as a skilled pilot. It was during the 1980′s when she was on a hunting trip in Kenya that she met her future husband. The french billionaire art dealer Alec.N.Wildenstein.

As the story goes, Alec Wildenstein began to show interest in other women as the last embers of their relationship started fading. Desperate to win back the love of her husband, Jocelyn Wildenstein did the only thing she thought would work.

Apparently her husband had a thing for cats, especially large cats like tigers and lions etc. So she set about turning herself into a…………………… It is said that Alec Wildenstein was so horrified the first time he saw her new looked that he screamed out in terror. Who can blame him.

So they divorced, yet Jocelyn Wildenstein never quite gave up on plastic surgery. She is thought to have spent upwards of 4 million in total on all her procedures.

And each time she underwent the knife, she looked creepier and creepier. She is now known as a wealthy socialite that hits the tabloids every time she is seen in public. It seems people just can’t get enough of her.
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